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Dear Author,
All three of us met on a study abroad trip to Spain, and the sparks flew pretty much immediately. To say we were enamored with each other would be an understatement.
Spain is one of the most tolerant countries of homosexuality in the world, as are the other countries we had the opportunity to visit during our stay, including Portugal and France. That’s not to say our threesome never got unwanted attention during our trip, but we were empowered by the freedom these countries offered us, and being so far from our “normal lives”, afforded us a nonchalant attitude about any strange looks or off-handed comments.
But now, we are back home in the U.S. with our families and friends, and an even less accepting society for unconventional relationships. As our sexual infatuation has developed into real love, we want to stay together. However, we’re each struggling with cultural reintegration in our own ways. Please tell me that we can make it work.

Photo Description:
Three young men sitting on a cobblestone street with their arms around each other and melancholy expressions. The man in the middle is kissing the cheek of the man on the right, while the man on the left is resting his chin on his knee.

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’sLove is an Open Road” event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers. It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers. The M/M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 April's Showering Words

Joe is gay and out, but that does not mean he where a rainbow shirt and has bumper stickers on his truck.  He is confident and sure of himself,  but really doesn’t think his sexuality is anyone’s business but his and the person or people he is dating.

Trevor the smallest of the three, is out with his family,  but not at the college.  He is afraid of the gay bashing’s he has heard about. He is convinced that he is in love with Joe and Brady.  They had a great friendship that evolved to a love that has gotten stronger the longer they are together.

Brady is the last of the three and not out to anyone except his lovers.  He is the most paranoid that something will happen to one of them.  Both Joe and Brady tend to keep things from Trevor in there hopes of keeping him safe.

Brady is fighting with a disabling fear, to somehow keep the men he loves safe.  He knows that he can’t do that logically but the heart wants what the heart wants.  This turns out to have a smothering effect on Trevor, who then revolts against the constant secrets and people following him around.  Joe is the peace keeper of the relationship,  but he is pulled both ways. He agrees with both sides, he wants things to be like they were when they were back in Spain.  He knows that I’d not realistic,  yet they were all happy then.  What do you get when you have three determined men who want a life together? A lover story worth reading, and hoping against hope that they can pull it together!

4 stars

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