Where Nerves End (Tucker Springs #1) by L.A. Witt #mm #review @GallagherWitt

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Jason Davis can handle a breakup. And an overwhelming mortgage. And a struggling business. And the excruciating pain that keeps him up at night thanks to a shoulder injury. But all of it at once? Not so much. When his shoulder finally pushes him to a breaking point, Jason takes a friend’s advice and gives acupuncture a try.

Acupuncturist Michael Whitman is a single dad struggling to make ends meet. When a mutual friend refers Jason as a patient, and Jason suggests a roommate arrangement to alleviate their respective financial strains, Michael jumps at the opportunity.

But Jason soon finds himself regretting it—he’s too damn attracted to Michael, and living with him is harder than he thought it’d be. In fact, the temptation to act on his feelings would almost be too much if not for the fact that Michael is straight. Or at least, that’s what their mutual friend claims.

(Note: This is a revised second edition, with minor additions, of the first edition originally published elsewhere.) addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

This is the 1st book in the Tucker Springs series and the third one I’ve read. And I’m still head over heels in love with Tucker Springs. In this book, we have Jason who runs a local’s gay bar. He has some major money stresses which, added to an accident he had years ago, makes it impossible to exist without pain pills. He’s had enough and figures he’ll try anything. Enter Michael, an acupuncturist. If acupuncture is a bit weird to Jase, Michael’s being hot more than makes up for it. And when the needles actually work, it’s even better.


This story was fantastic. From the fact it didn’t just all happen with perfect aplomb. They had issues with being with one another, and their relationship had a bit of a look like a rollercoaster. Up. Down. Up, throw a curve…


But Witt’s wit brought it all together and once again a Tucker Springs book is a 5 star.

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