Violet’s Present (Time Is Eternity) by Kim Fielding #mm #review @KFieldingWrites @dreamspinners

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When Matt’s Great-great-aunt Violet dies, she leaves him a precious gift: a photo album he loved as a child. Then Matt starts having dreams—very good dreams—about Joseph, one of the men in the pictures from the 1940s. One morning when Matt wakes up, the bruises are still there. Could there be more to Violet’s present than he thought? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

I already loved Fielding’s books from having read her Bones series. So even when I read the blurb and was unsure, I bought it just because she was the author. And I was not disappointed. WOW. Matt receives from his great, great aunt a photo album after her death and it changes his life completely.


Think time travel and finding the great love of your life a century before. Especially when you know he’s going to be dead decades before you were even born. And then you start to visit him in the most realistic dreams you’ve ever had.


It’s wonderful. Captivating. And even brought tears to my eyes toward the end.


READ IT! 5 stars!

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