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Some say that I’m cynical. Some say that I’m flippant. But I am neither of those things. I am just a realist, who through an unfortunate turn of events, learned the hard way that everything is in fact black or white. At least for me it is, and always will be.

But then there is Calvin King. The thorn in my side, the pain in my ass. He is what some would call the perfect man – an imposing businessman, an even more impressive ladies’ man. Every man wants to be him and every woman just wants him. At least that is what I hear. I’m not admitting to anything beyond that.

What I do know and will concede to, is that my resolve is tested as soon as I meet Calvin. He ticks every box off my
checklist – sexy as sin tall, dark, rich, intelligent, and funny. My body craves just the thought of him. How can I possibly keep him at arm’s length when he is the only man I want and desire? And it doesn’t help that he kisses like a god and sets my body on fire. Crap! Don’t ask me how I know that, he doesn’t play fair.

Most importantly, I can’t let him unmask me, it’s my only defense.

Unmasking Charlotte is book 2 of the Taboo Love series and picks up where Hey There, Delilah left off. As with Hey There, Delilah, it is a standalone – so don’t worry if you haven’t read Hey There, Delilah, yet – with a HEA. That means no cliffhanger! Oh, and expect to see some of your favorite characters.


April's Showering Words

Charlotte has delt with more emotional and physical damage at a young age then anyone should have to.  She lost he biological father on her 1st birthday,  not that she remembers that, but she does remember how hard it was on her mom.  Then when her mom remarried her dad’s parter Bran Fisher,her hero, when she was 8 they had to move because of prejudice.  She is white and Bran is black.  But life went on happily for Charlotte until she turns 15. At 15 she is brutally raped in her own home by a fellow student.   Her dad came home interrupted this heinous act and beat up the boy.

While she is dealing with the physical and mental terror of the rape.  Her father is being tried in court for battery, against the boy who raped his little girl. Fast forward 12 years.  Charlie as she goes by now, is doing ok.  She has a great job, a wonderful best friend and a healthy sex life.  Except that she cannot be intimate with black men.  Charlie has panic attacks when ever she tries.  She also lost the ability to get pregnant,  due to complications from the rape.  Charlie is very confused she is drawn to Calvin. He is everything she has ever wanted in a man.  But she is afraid that if they were to get close he will have a panic attack.   See Calvin is a big beautiful black man.  So she keeps him at a distance.  Her dad says to talk to him.  She just might be surprised,  but then she gets the notice that her rapist is up for parole.

Calvin the confident, business owner flirt extraordinaire.  Calvin is drawn to Charlie the first time he sees her.  He loves women, short, tall, skinny, fat it doesn’t matter he always has a smile and kind word for them.  Charlie is the exception he really wants to get to know her.  He has been drawn to her from the moment they first met. Confusion is something he is not use to, does not know why she seems drawn to him one minute and uninterested the next.

As Charlie works through the years of pain and avoidance she let’s Calvin in.  Calvin is the most caring  and loving man she has been around, other then her hero dad.  Fate is never happy letting go easy,  trouble abounds trying to rip them apart.  Calvin can overcome his shortcomings, can Charlie open backup and let him in again?

This is a wonderful addition, it puts out there things that really do happen.  In this case Charlie actually comes out stronger,  which is wonderful.  We can all use a Calvin in our lives strong, supportive, loyal.  I really do encourage you to read this story.  I love reading about someone overcoming the odds to end up a strong and happy person!

5 stars



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