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Fate is conspiring against lawyer Anton Swann. First his grandmother dies, then he hits the worst traffic of his life on the way home from her funeral, keeping him from friends in London—and possibly a much longed-for sighting of his ex. And finally the detour he thought would save him time ends with the electrics failing on his car, leaving Anton to trudge through heavy rain back to an old cottage he’d passed along the way, hoping to find help.

What he finds instead is the mysterious Dr. Stephen Miller, a man fighting his own battles. Anton is invited inside to join the tail end of an all-male dinner party, but this is no chance encounter. What Anton thought was fate is actually a spirit at work making sure he ends up at the cottage—and stays there until unfinished business is resolved for both Anton and Stephen. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

My first by this author, and I found it very intriguing. You know when you read one of those books and you you keep thinking, this is going to happen, just wait. Well, it never did, and that was ok.

Anton, running late decides to follow a car off the road, wrecks and changes his life forever.

As a series of events happen, some ppl would say coincidence, some would say a another power at work. Whatever it was the tale that follows not just Anton and Stephen but the others in the home that fateful night is one that has you thinking of spirits, ghosts, guarding angels  or something else.

I really liked that this wasn’t some quick flight of fancy book. These people had some issues to work through, some obligations and life decisions to make and had been made and those needed to be seen through. Very adult.


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