Transformation (The Mermen #1) by X. Aratare #mm #review

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Gabriel Braven is destined for a great love, but he does not believe it.

His parents had a storybook romance … until a freak ocean storm robbed them of their lives and left him alone to be raised by his grandmother. With their deaths, Gabriel’s adoration for the sea turned to fear, and his belief in happy-ever-afters turned to dust. Gabriel vowed to never set foot in the ocean again and to never believe in love.

Gabriel kept that promise until after his junior year of college, when he and his best friend Corey return to the ocean-side town where he lost his parents in order to help his grandmother. Gabriel’s bitter fear of the water has only grown, along with his belief that it is his destiny to be forever alone.

Corey is determined to prove Gabriel wrong. It is his mission that summer for Gabriel to find love on the beach … and maybe do some swimming, too. Gabriel will settle for simply not reliving his parents’ deaths every time he hears the rush and shush of the waves.

Both may get their wish as Gabriel discovers the hidden past of the Bravens and the sea sends someone amazing to his aid. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

This is just a start – a taste of what is to come in the Mermen, a tale of Gabriel Braven, a human – or so he thinks – who loved the ocean until it took his parents. Now, in college, he has come to spend the summer with his grandmother, the first time he’s been back in years. And the ocean keeps calling to him. Until he cannot resist and the water takes him back. Or at least tries.


Besides the fact the first chapter was mostly backstory that I wish the author had dealt with through a series of flashbacks, I’m loving this story. In fact, I’ve purchased the audios of the first three books and once I’ve listened will do reviews for the next books as well.


Just imagine if you were not who or what you thought you were. How would you handle it? I think if I almost drowned and then something happened to where instead I spouted gills and a merman saved me, I’d be a bit spastic. And thinking I must have passed out.


This is a short entry into the series – and it looks like each book is going to be about the same size. I’m about to listen to book #2 as I just have to know what happens with Gabe and the Mer people… Excuse me, must get back to the storyline…


Oh, yeah – a definite 4 stars for a great start.

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