Thianna Durston Spotlight!

Thianna DurstonTS

Happy 2016

This month, I’m sure you’ve been deluged by tons of Resolution-style posts or “make this the best year of your life” posts. So I’m not gonna do that.

Instead? I’m gonna make it short and sweet.

Ignore what everyone else says about your dreams. In fact, don’t share your dreams – you don’t need people putting doubts in your head.

Go for what you want. How you want to.

Love yourself. Love life.

Know that you are always good enough.

Read lots.

Laugh more.

Be a little crazy.

Do something for someone you don’t know just because you can.

Do something for someone you know because you can.

And always go to sleep relaxed and happy.

Happy New Year, peeps. 2016 is gonna be epic!