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the Split

You have a disease in your head.

There is a cure . . . but it equals the truth.

What if the truth is worse than the disease?

What if the truth might save you . . . and everyone else?

Aurik has been changed. An out-of-control experiment between countries altered the planet’s petroleum and altered kids. They search for a cure the only place they can; the island.

Run by the government, the island is supposed to cure you. Aurik knows better. His brother went a few years ago and was sent back home in a box. A lead box with a window.

Aurik finds other kids with the change and together they make the difficult trip to the the island. But the island is hiding a secret; they are waiting for him because they already know Aurik.

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A scientific experiment gone bad. The earth as we know it has been thrown back into the time of bartering for goods and services.  Cars and computers and all fosse fuels have been confiscated by the military. The other major change is to the children’s DNA.


Aurik is changing, he has already lost most of his family, it is only his father left.  When he started hearing voices, he got tested, the military was coming after him. He knew of the Island that was supposed to help kids like him and started on his way.


This is a very intense and in gaging story of how Aurik works to avoid the people trying to get him before he gets to the Island.  How he meets up with others like himself, yet not and how they learn to work together.  The trust that is built, and how powers grow stronger as they combine together.  The mind is a powerful thing it can fool you in to thinking many things.  It can also let you forget things that it feels you can’t handle.


This is one of the best written sci-fi stories I have read in a long time.   It keeps a dry subject of science and turns it in to a page turner.  All the characters are well thought out and believable.  The young adults are real in the fears and there triumphs.  For anyone who is a sci-fi nerd this book is for you!


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Sarah’s Thoughts:

The Split I found was an interesting but slightly confusing book at times. It follows a teen boy named Aurik in a world where the has been a literal split in the earth. This split cause almost everything to fall back and released a new virus commonly called the change which was different for everyone but the primary thing was that it gave people powers.

If they were found, they would be sent to “The Island” which would fix or cure them and they’d be sent back home. The story itself I thought was interesting and made me want to know more, like why it had happened in the first place, but the story also jumped around a lot between the point of views between the characters in the book.

Also some of the meetings between characters seemed too…convenient if that makes sense. The first one was like ok that was a bit off but I could see how it could work. But the rest it was more of here is a problem, oh and here is the person who can fix it and is kind of stuck with us now. All of the characters, with the exception of one in my opinion, had a different personality I could relate too.

One character though seemed more like a comic relief member of the group. Throughout the book though, it was very detailed on how the main character, Aurik, felt. His change involved a voice in his head, and as the story went on it would drive him more crazy. And I could see him going crazy because of it.

In short I thought it was a slightly confusing story in a world I would like to visit and felt I could at times. The thing that would take me out of the story sometimes is just how the point of views would be switched and I had to read it a few times to understand who was talking. Also I would recommend this to anyone who likes Sci fi-like books but doesn’t want a super teched out future, which was another thing I enjoyed about it.


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