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Born in sin and abandoned, the vampire Scythe and his werewolf brother Aric trust no one. Scythe finds dealing with humanity easier than Aric, who becomes bitter and nightmarish. After seven hundred years, Scythe finds himself in Atlanta Georgia and he has discovered his human mate, Kuster Kyndeli. But Aric will have none of it. Chains, vampires, werewolves, feuding brothers, amazing sex, and an ex that just won’t quit all have a part in the scheme of things for Scythe and Kuster, not to mention the male pregnancy.

In any fray, to the victor goes the spoils, and in this case, it’s anyone’s game. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 April's Showering Words

This is a story about the age old rivalry between brothers, one wolf shifter the other vampire.  As teenagers Aric the oldest, wolf, he is power hungry and runs off Scythe his vampire younger brother and states if he returns he will kill him. Centuries later Aric is tracking Scythe down for his blood to cure him.


Kuster is a college student who gets dumped, and his best friend drags him out to a club to cheer him up.  Scythe sees Kuster and is instantly attracted.  They go out for a date and Scythe figures out the Kuster is his mate.  He is so happy, the thing is how do you explain that you are a 700 year old vampire.


Kuster is a really shy guy who was abused as a teenager, and just wants to be loved and in a stable relationship.  As he gets close to Scythe he feels an irresistible attachment and love.  Scythe feels the same with the overwhelming need to protect.


Aric finds Scythe because he has silver poisoning and is dying.   The only cure is for a sibling to drain all his bad blood and replace it.  Asa vampire Scythe could live through this. But he would have to go to ground for about 5 yrs.  Scythe is not going to do it so Aric is just going to kill him and take his blood.


This is a very involved story with a lot of twist and story lines.  I would recommend this book to anyone who loves books about shifters and vampires.   Kuster is a lovable character that grows on you as the story goes on.  Scythe makes you believe that vampires can choose to be good or evil.   Shifters this book shows a different side that most books don’t show.  I really enjoyed it.


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