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After taming the Ghosts of Alcatraz, Fisher Marx left his position as head of the World Police Unit to take a job in the small town of Toblerville. He’d hoped to live out his life in quiet splendor while still using his skills to protect the Hickory County residents, but everything changed when he heard rumors of a young man who claimed to be the victim of regular attacks by a ghost.

Unable to put the young man out of his mind, Fisher decided to investigate the situation. What he discovered in the run down house outside of town would change his life forever. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This was a quick read, but a hard read. Even though the attacks are being done by a ghost, the ghost is one, his father and two are not just attack but rape. You would think the ‘shock horror’ of this tale would be lessen because of the ghost factor. But really doesn’t and isn’t.

Patrick, attacks started when he was a sixteen and never stopped even after his father killed himself. He tried telling the local police but no one did anything. After being attacked at school, he locked himself away determined to not to involve anyone in this and just let them kill him.

Marx, is a ghost hunter, for an elite team. who just finished a major job and now wants a quiet life, relax, until he hears Patrick story and the fact that no one has helped this young man.

Marx soon realizes he’s got way more going on then a jealous, possessive father. And recruits his friends from around the world to give Patrick the peace he deserves.

Overall I liked this story, once I wrapped my head around the fact that this wasn’t a typical ghost story and we are dealing with a alternate universe. With elite government ghost fight teams, planes available, favors called in. What I did find is that I was missing a big back story of these friends, they all knew each other and their stories seemed really important. But I felt like I was dropped into the middle of them and I was just supposed to pick up and go.  Maybe there’s a prequel I don’t know about?


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