The American Lover by G.E. Griffin #mf #review @gegriffin1

The American Lover

Faith Jackson
•Devastated after being widowed from the love of her life at the age of twenty five.
•Still struggling to come to terms with her now meaningless existence two years later.
•Copes by burying herself in her demanding job at the Royal London Bank.
Caleb Mackenzie
•Bitter and cynical after his divorce.
•No longer believes in love or monogamy after finding his wife in bed with another man.
•Driven to succeed in his high powered role at the American Western Bank.
When Caleb is sent over to London for a week to finalise a takeover, Faith is assigned to work with him.
Neither wishes to expose themselves to being hurt again. Neither is interested in any kind of a serious relationship. Both understand that sex can provide a temporary distraction from real life.

The American Lover.

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Faith’s life was truly blessed. She married her high school sweetheart and they had made so many plans for their future. But, that future never had a chance when everything was ripped away from Faith. No way did she ever want to put her heart on the line and hurt that much, again.

Caleb did not believe in happily ever after since his brutal divorce. He only wanted “no strings attached” encounters (you can’t call them relationships). Both, Caleb and Faith have been hurt to the point where neither wants to allow their hearts to be vulnerable, again. They meet and become good friends and teach each other that it is ok to love, again. It really is a sweet story. Caleb is a business man and travels to London. It is there that he encounters Faith, the typical, dowdy, widow. He sees her and becomes interested in wooing her into his bed. While it may seem cliché, there is more to the story than the big, powerful business man and plain Jane woman meeting and hooking up. It is about being hurt and learning to love, again. Letting your heart go to belong to another, even though you’re scared out of your mind. About allowing yourself the right to be happy, even when happiness seems like it is not possible.

My only complaint is Faith’s vulnerability. I understand how hurt she was and how afraid she was to move on. But, her vulnerability came across as weakness and insecurity, which made her unlikable. Other than that, I really enjoyed this story and the outcome.


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