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Lewis has spent most of his adult life looking after his aging parents, and he recently ended a relationship with a domineering guy who’d been nothing but bad for him. Despite his less-than-stellar track record with men, he’s still hopeful there’s someone out there for him, but he’s learned to be careful with his heart. So he can’t figure out why a cryptic, gruff, drunken voice mail from a stranger named Jerry doesn’t make him hit the DELETE button. It’s clear the man’s got the wrong number. But when Jerry begins to text, Lewis finally responds, saying he’s not the guy Jerry wants. Jerry, however, is nothing if not persistent, and he keeps texting and teasing Lewis, even after he knows the truth.

Lewis is surprised when something sparks between them. Jerry turns out to be charming and witty, and they develop an odd friendship through text messages. When Jerry suggests they finally meet in person, Lewis is apprehensive, yet curious. Can he take the big step to meet Jerry face-to-face? More importantly, can he maybe even trust Jerry with his heart?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Liz Cat

This was my first K-lee Klein book, and I must say I was impressed. Lewis and Jerry stole my heart from page one.

Serious Lewis has taken on the caretaker role for both of his parents while working a monotonous call center job. His compassion and devotion to them shines through every interaction the reader is privy to. As devoted as he is, the added responsibilities don’t leave time for a social life. So the random text messages from Jerry, which start off as annoying, end up bringing a much needed spark to his life.

Funny, endearing Jerry cloaks himself in mystery for a good portion of the book. He hides behind witty banter to protect his heart. But the two men’s chemistry is so undeniable they’re compelled to meet in person.

Between engaging conversations, relatable main characters, and a superb supporting cast, Textual Attraction is a novella you won’t soon forget!


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