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Surviving Redemption

The only mission Grant Kendal has ever blown was the one that mattered most. Haunted by his violent past, his bloodlust for justice cost his mentor and friend their only chance to find his abducted daughter. When Thalia Brezlin washes ashore his island of self-imposed exile, beaten, broken and hell-bent on revenge, Grant is tempted back into the world he left behind by more than her sharp tongue and long, sexy legs.

The men she’s running from could bring him one step closer to righting his wrongs. Plunged once again into the underworld of human trafficking, a place where evil thrives on stolen innocence and nothing escapes alive, he sees one final chance at redemption. When Thalia’s secrets are revealed, he’ll do anything to protect her…including letting go of the past once and for all.

Author Note: Surviving Redemption is a fast-paced, heart-pounding romantic thriller about survival. Grant and Thalia’s story takes you deep into the underworld of human trafficking and the monsters that live there are very real. Previously published by D.L. Roan as Second Nature. Remastered for Survivors’ Justice Series.

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I had bought this book because I’ve read other books by Roan in the past that were more romance than anything. So I was excited to see how well Roan writes the more series thriller type books.

Since I had read the other books, I did know a little bit about Grant and Thalia’s story, but not the whole thing. Even still, what I did know didn’t hinder this book at all. I was still drawn in and was able to fully get into the story and enjoy it in its entirety.

I do want to add though – there is a fair bit of touchy subjects in this book, the author note fully covers it all so if you are not comfortable reading books that deal in human trafficking, then this may not be the book for you. HOWEVER I do want to add, that the information that Roan adds in pertaining to those topics is extremely well-written and isn’t wrote in anyway other than to share the facts of what is going on, and how these people are trying to stop it from happening.

With that being said, I was completely drawn into this story and just couldn’t get enough of Grant and Thalia. Their story is one that will stay with me because of how well-written and how quickly I was grabbed by it, I was at the end of the book before I realized it. And I didn’t want it to end!

Thalia is one strong woman, with everything she has been through and she just keeps fighting more and refusing to give up. That is an amazing thing to read these days. Especially when a woman is choosing to have a man beside her because she WANTS him there, not that she NEEDS him. That is something that you don’t get a lot in books these days.

Grant was also a great character. Not only did he know what he wanted, but he was more than willing, and patient enough to wait until Thalia was ready. Even after that, he didn’t try to take her over, or control her in anyway. He was perfectly fine with Thalia being Thalia.

Overall, I felt like this was a great book, and Roan completely blew my expectations out of the water. I can’t wait to read more from this series in the future.


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