Rope Burn (Boot Knockers Ranch #5) by Em Petrova #mf #review @empetrova

Rope Burn

She wants to turn up the heat. He’s got the skills to whip her into a frenzy.

The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 5

TV food show host Tabbart Tracy works hard to give viewers her best recipes. But while her fans are legion, her personal life is colder than a meat locker. Most men just want her to serve up some pie—in the nude.

One glance at her assistant’s sexy brother, though, and her body skips straight from low simmer to rolling boil. Especially when she tracks him down at a stud ranch. Where he’s the stud.

When a certain little TV foodie personally requests Stowe’s company for a week, he’s flattered as hell. She needs to give up some control, and as a sex therapist otherwise known as the “Dom from Down Under”, Stowe has the leather, rope, and paddles to do it.

Just as Tabbart melts into a puddle under Stowe’s hands, her worst fear chills her back to reality: someone recognizes her. Worse, her Master frowns on opening her checkbook to make it all go away. But trusting him means hanging onto their connection with both hands—while he takes her for the ride of her life.

Warning: This book contains a TV chef looking for some R&R (as in rough and raunchy) and a whip-wielding Aussie cowboy Dom intent on showing her she can take the heat. As hot as—and anywhere—she wants it.

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Petrova has done it again and this time she’s given the Dom from Down Under a well-deserved happy ending. I do believe this is the first installment in this series in which the featured Boot Knocker is so far removed from the ranch at the beginning of the book. Stowe is in California to visit his sister Amelia, the only relative he has that’s living in the States. During his trip, he has a sizzling encounter with celebrity chef Tabbart Tracy that makes quite an impression on Tabbart, enough so that she finally asks Amelia for her brother’s contact info and ends up booking a week on the ranch with Stowe.


Obviously as Stowe is the Dom from Down Under, Rope Burn is far more BDSM-laden than any of the previous installments. We learn that Stowe has been in the lifestyle since he was eighteen and because of this and his time on the ranch as a sex therapist, he sets out to help Tabbart learn how to let go of the tight control her celebrity-status necessitates she maintain in her life and do it through submission. And the man is impressive in how he handles her. The sex scenes are unbelievably hot and the eroticism escalates over the course of the book as Tabbart’s trust in Stowe strengthens. This is something I actually liked because while Stowe pushed her boundaries quicker than he admittedly would have in a “real” relationship, it still occurred in a natural progression within the time confines of Tabbart’s stay at the ranch. A stay that she actually increased because one-week wasn’t long enough, something I don’t recall happening before and couldn’t blame her for doing either. But an encounter with another visitor cuts her stay short (and left me wondering why the ladies didn’t have to sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their application packet) and Tabbart and Stowe part ways while angry. Fortunately for the both of them, Amelia has no problem getting involved once she connects all the dots as to why her new friend and her brother have been super moody since Tabbart’s return to California. And their reunion was abso-freaking-lutely perfect!


As is the norm with this series, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Stowe and Tabbart’s relationship develop. I really liked how Stowe used BDSM to break through Tabbart’s mental barriers, which enabled her to get back to her roots, in a way. I was surprised that she became so unconcerned about being discovered on the ranch as her time there passed, but I wasn’t surprised by the way that played out. One of the things I really enjoy about this series, is that once you’ve read the first book, it really doesn’t matter what order you read them in. I actually read book six before I read Rope Burn, but because Petrova always gives her cowboys a happy ending, it didn’t matter because the books in this series are all about the week the Boot Knocker spends with his soon-to-be partner…or partners. This also means that I can reread them out of order at any time and Rope Burn is a definite reread for me. I look forward to visiting the Boot Knockers Ranch again soon.


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What can I say about a sexy cowboy and a TV celebrity chef? This combo is off the charts HOT! Tabbart is in charge on set of her cooking show, but once the cameras turn off, she isn’t quite as together. While visiting his sister, who works on Tabbart’s set, Stowe notices that that sexy chef gets flustered and instantly becomes aroused by the thought of taming the TV personality. Imagine his surprise when she shows up at the Ranch with a special request – a week with the sexy Dom and complete anonymity. Stowe agrees and can’t wait to show Tabbart how to let go and give him all control. However, things don’t go as planned and Tabbart’s identity is revealed and she can’t make the attention go away in her usual way.

I have to say, Stowe is one of the sexiest cowboys that Ms. Petrova has written in this series. I found myself wanting to trade places with Tabbart in many of the scenes! But, the hotness isn’t the only good part of this story. Tabbart is recognized while at the Ranch and there is a suspenseful, action packed, mysterious story to go along with the sexy attraction between the Hero and heroine. Both aspects of the story kept me interested and wanting more!

This series has never disappointed me and as book five, it’s amazing that this story is even better than the rest! Personally, I think Stowe is one of my favorite cowboys and this is my favorite book in the series, so far!



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