RJ Loom Monthly Spotlight


It’s a new year with new books waiting to be written or added to TBR piles to be read. For me, both lists keep growing at about the same pace. Such is the struggle of every reader and/or writer out there.(Insert collective sigh of our self-imposed suffering here.)

All joking aside, in this past year I have read more indie and new-to-me authors than ever before. I look forward to discovering even more new favorites in 2016. I should have made it a New Years Resolution because it’s one I know I can keep.

I also look forward to the books I will be releasing this year. Which is why I decided to share a short excerpt for my next release, Fractured Palace.

Fractured Palace is a New Adult Romance, stand-alone full-length novel. It’s the story of Ashton Roberts and Reed Collins — former neighbors whose paths cross over the years to impact each other’s lives in ways they don’t not even realize.

I hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!!

*Final edits have not been completed on this excerpt.

“Not again. That poor girl. Boys!” Reed’s mother called out, tossing a dish towel aside as she walked out of the kitchen. “Can one of you go out and get Ashton? It sounds like her mom is fighting with her boyfriend again.”

“Reed can do it,” Daniel offered as he stole the half eaten Hot Pocket off of Reed’s plate. He took a taunting bite, then smacked the back of Reed’s head when he passed. “He’s not doing anything important.”

Reed shot his older brother a glare as he got up from the dining room table and set down the part to the model car he had been working on while he ate. “I’ll get her, mom.”

He crossed the living room, pushed open the screen door and stepped out into the bright daylight outside. His gaze shifted across the brown patched lawn to the faded orange and yellow Little Tikes car at the end of the next door neighbor’s crumbling asphalt driveway. The car his mom had picked up at a garage sale and used to belong to him until he outgrew it, before it was given to Ashton. She seemed very busy as she loaded something into the small back compartment of the car.

Amused by the sight, Reed shook his head then jogged down the front porch steps of their small, run down bungalow before crossing the yard over to her. “Where are you going, Ash?”

Ashton wiped tears and dirty blonde hair away from her face while she continued to try to fit Barbies, stuffed animals and dress up clothes – also garage sale gifts from his mom – into the back compartment of the car. “I’m going to my palace.”

He glanced back toward her house horrified because he knew she couldn’t possibly have meant going back inside there. Then he winced when he heard a crash and more yelling. “How about I give you a lift?”

She looked up at him with wide big brown eyes and a smile lit up her tear streaked face. “Yes!”

The offer made Ash quickly abandon her attempt to fit everything in the compartment. She gathered what she could fit into her arms and swung the orange car door open. As she shuffled past him, he looked down to the plastic, pink sparkly shoes she was wearing which were much too big for her small feet. She was so tiny and even though he was only three years older than her, she seemed so much younger than his eight years.

“Uh, Ash? You have to take your shoes off so you don’t lose one or hurt your feet, okay?”

Ashton shoved the rest of her belongings into the seat then took off her shoes before she got into the car.

“I’m going to go really fast so remember to lift your feet and hang on,” he warned as he stepped around to the back of the car. “Ready?”

Her small hands wrapped around the steering wheel as she pulled up her feet and called out, “I’m ready, Reed!”

Her deep belly laughs began as soon as he started to push the car down the sidewalk. It was a relief and washed away the sadness he seemed to feel at seeing her cry. It also drowned out the yelling that continued to go on next door.