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Is love possible between sworn enemies when the universe seems determined to tear them apart?

Sagiv, a genetically modified Atavaq fighter, is captured when his master’s raid on a Domidian ship goes wrong. Daran, a young Domidian science officer, claims the warrior for ransom and as a subject for study. As they spend time together in the close confines of the shipboard cabin, both learn more about the other’s culture, and against all odds, a fragile trust begins to form. But the ship is approaching a frontier outpost, where Daran will be expected to ransom Sagiv—even though it means condemning Sagiv to die for the dishonor of his defeat or suffer in the fighting pits. That’s if bounty hunters don’t find them first. Daran’s risen up the ranks through hard work and always following protocol, but he sees something in Sagiv that might be worth breaking the rules for the first time in his life—maybe even something worth sacrificing everything to keep. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Excellent start to a new series, or at least I hope it’s a new series.

Daran, because of his lot in life is stuck in a position on a star ship, never really going to advance, achieve greatness so when the prizes are all given out and all that is left is a slave, he can’t stand the idea of this man being treated so poorly.

Sagiv, has been born and trained a different way to think and survive then Daran. So when this enemy starts treating him with kindness he’s confused.

We couldn’t have two more different charaters in a story, but it worked. Daran, knows that being on the star ship, is never going to work long term. And when he meets this man, this fighter he sees his future. Sagiv, has been bought and sold, and owned and when it’s his time again he’s resigned himself but something has changed after meeting Daran, hope. He feels hope.

From start to finish this 100 page book is action, the fight in the mess hall with Daran crew, to the love scene between Sagiv and Daran, to the end pages. We aren’t left with a traditionally cliffy, but we know that these two will have plenty of adventures trying to keep one step ahead of the bounty hunters.



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