Oracle / Book of Secrets – The Complete Collection (Oracle #1-2) by R.J. Scott #mm #review @Rjscott_author

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Oracle The Complete Collection gives readers an opportunity to own both books at a reduced price.

Book 1 – Oracle

Love, adventure, an empath & an ancient relic that could destroy the world.

Alex Sheridan is a thief, able to steal even the hardest to reach antiquities. Luke MacKinnon is a professor of ancient languages.
When they come together to locate the Oracle, it is because both men have targets on their backs. Can love blossom when each day could be their last? And, how can they survive the evil that wants the Oracle?

Book 2 – Book of Secrets

Kidnapping, adventure, drama and the fight for eternal life.

Alex is making good on his promise to put things right; retrieving items he had stolen, and returning them to their rightful owners. It’s dangerous work, especially since he lost his most useful Oracle-given powers.

When Luke is kidnapped by a man intent on finding the secrets to eternal life, Alex has to make a bargain with the devil and break steal an item from the private library at Windsor Castle. Will Alex be too late to save the man he loves? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I’ve enjoyed all types of books RJ Scott has written and this one was no exceptions. To me very different from the normal I’m used to, but extremely entertaining.


I just want to put out there, because I’ve said it and it’s fact for me. Death of a main character is a automatic turn off. However, when the love interest is killed in the beginning of the book, I didn’t feel he was a MC for the simple fact that we were told that the feeling’s were one sided, that he wished he could be more. Now, if the author had waited and killed him off later, then maybe my feeling’s would have changed.

***end spoiler***

The primes of this story is a unique tale of the Greek gods, what happens when a child is born that was foreseen to come, the family that was gifted with looking after the child/adult and the cult that wants the child/adult for there own. Throw in the military, the upper crust of British society and a few more people and you’ve got quiet a tale about intrigue, myths, legends and one guy that just wants to be normal.

The dynamic between Alex and Luke, both know they want this, know they shouldn’t couldn’t. But in the end that pull is too great.

Even the secondary cast, the chemistry between them, the way they mess together, helping, all as one unit.

The way we, the reader gets pulled into the puzzle of working out what the symbols mean, who’s bad, who’s good, and who will survive.  Just brilliant


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