Legacy of Hephaestsus (Corey Shaw Mystery #4) by Alex Morgan #mm #review #WildeCity

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Paranormal sleuth Corey Shaw is wrapping up what’s left of his European vacation by enjoying the beautiful men in Europe. During his visit, the largest yellow diamond in the world is stolen from a factory in Amsterdam. On his way home, an attempt is made on his life, and his house is broken into upon his arrival home in Boston. Just as Corey finds the “Lava Diamond”, a professor from Boston College disappears while on sabbatical at Bergen University in Norway.

Drawn into the fray, Corey travels back across the Atlantic to search for the professor only to discover a connection between the missing prof and the “Lava Diamond”. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

I so enjoy spending time in Corey Shaw’s world, but I was surprised to learn that Legacy of Hephaestus picks up practically at the end of Invisible Curtain. I’ve become accustomed to a passage of time between the novels and getting to play catch up with what Corey has been up to. However, this installment begins with Corey and his family as their cruise adventure comes to an end, with everyone returning to the US – except for Corey and his mother. Much to his eldest sister’s dismay, their mother has accepted an invitation from the ship’s chief security officer, Don, to remain on board with him and spend some time together. On the other hand, Corey has decided to use his remaining vacation time to visit Amsterdam and Norway, without his siblings in tow.


As we’re talking about my favorite psionic detective here, it’s not surprising that Corey quickly finds himself embroiled in yet another mystery. Nor is it all that shocking to find out that Corey’s sexy fun times play a part in his involvement in the latest mystery – the theft of the largest known diamond and the disappearance of a renowned volcanology professor. Although there is more of a focus on the mystery in this installment, Corey does manage to find a partner or two (not at the same time) for some bedroom action and, as always, it was hot. But when his second bedmate is murdered, Corey’s libido takes a backseat to the action as he soon discovers that his connection to the sexy flight attendant has put him in danger. Fortunately, Corey’s psionic gifts come to his rescue more than once over the course of the novel as he sets out to solve the cases.


While I understood the need to move the story along, I felt that Corey’s decision to go trolling his last night in Oslo to be a bit too contrived. After having scrapped his plans to do so the evening before, Corey is suddenly fine 24 hours later and rearing to make a physical connection with another stranger – yeah, that didn’t really ring true. But Corey being Corey, that was a minor issue in relation to the rest of the mystery and action. The search for the diamond and the professor insured that the storyline moved forward, full steam ahead. Morgan does such a good job of providing multiple suspects that I failed to suss out who did what until their role was revealed. I so did not see that ending coming. I did feel as though the book ended a bit abruptly, but I’m not sure if that’s because I wanted more from the story or if it was because the ending denied me more time with Corey, especially considering what – or should I say, who – he was up to. Legacy of Hephaestus was an excellent addition to the Corey Shaw Mystery series and I’m looking forward to the next book’s release.


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