Forged by Love (Even Gods Fall in Love #4) by Lynne Connolly #mf #review @lynneconnolly

Forged by Love

A dangerous enchantment that can only be broken by fire…

Vulcan, living in the body of Harry, Earl of Valsgarth, prefers a quiet country life, channeling his fiery temperament into his metal workshop. But he can’t ignore a summons from Mercury.

When he spies the ravishing woman across the London theater, he realizes why Mercury needs him. She is Venus, in the body of a French duchesse. In legend, his wife. But she is under an infatuation spell that has escalated into obsession. Unchecked, it’s hot enough to cause another Fire of London. Harry is the only immortal with the strength to break it.

Virginie revels in the joy she has found with Marcus, also known as Mars. Until Harry arrives in her parlor, leaning on his cane, oozing his particular brand of seduction.

When murder abruptly splits Virginie and Marcus apart, Harry must cope with a painful withdrawal that could destroy her—and half the city. If Harry can’t find who is framing her, she will lose her place in society. And possibly her mind to madness…

Warning: When the gods get busy, it gets hot as Hades. Could cause noticeable reddening of your cheeks. Which cheeks, we’ll leave up to you. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Virginie, aka Venus, was struck by Eros’ arrow and becomes obsessed with Marcus, aka Mars. They no longer care about keeping their relationship behind closed doors and everyone else become affected by the Goddess’ lust. They succumb to their passion while at the theater one night, something witnessed by everyone there including Harry. Only Harry can break the spell between Marcus and Venus, something he takes very seriously.

I really enjoyed the dynamic between Virginie and Harry. Yes, Marcus and Virginie had mad, passionate, sex. But, Harry and Virginie have a tender bond. Something that is more and something that might be lasting.

I love Connolly’s twist on the lives of the Gods. She writes them in a way that makes the reader think and wonder if it could really happen. This story is well written with amazingly developed characters. Unfortunately, for me, I am now invested and want to see this series through. Good job, Ms. Connolly!


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