Fly Me Home (Home is Where the Heat Is #4) by Candi Wall #mf #review @candiwall

Fly Me Home

He needs her for one reason…but winds up wanting her for a hundred more.

Elizabeth McCarthy needs a scoop for her local newspaper, and the Fashion for the Future Ball is the perfect opportunity—until Murphy’s Law kicks in. But she’s saved from public humiliation by the last man she thought would notice her. Ultra-sexy fashion critic Ian Malcolm.

Ian is tired. Tired of playing games, tired of people letting him down. Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air he didn’t know he was missing. She even makes him laugh. On impulse, he makes her an enticing offer: she gets the story she needs, and he gets a sexy companion to keep the media vultures off his back.

It’s a business deal. Easy as pie. Yet as their association takes them around the world, Ian remembers what it’s like to experience everything for the first time—and fills Elizabeth’s neglected bag of sexual tricks to the brim.

Once the whirlwind trip is over, though, they’re left with one unexpected hunger left unsatisfied—the hunger for something more lasting than lust.

Warning: Contains a sweet country girl steeped in small-town values, and a big-city man who doesn’t hesitate to guide her through his bisexual and ménage-a-licious world of sinful pleasures. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

HOLY HECK!!! Fly Me Home was freaking hot!!! Each of the books in the Home is Where the Heat Is series have been hot, but this installment was off the charts hot. Based on Elizabeth and Ian’s first meeting, I was expecting a humorous read – after all, he rescued her from a suffocating curtain and an overeager body guard, while she was down on all fours with her butt up in the air. But such was the beginning of a whirlwind relationship in which Elizabeth served as a buffer between him and the press that wanted the scoop on his breakup and Ian showed her the world – the fashion world, the actual world as they visited several countries, and the sexual world as he offered her the opportunity to explore her fantasies.


While there is quite a bit of sex in Fly Me Home, it occurs within the storyline and doesn’t feel as though it was forced just to up the erotica quota of the book. Despite a misunderstanding regarding Ian’s sexuality, Elizabeth slowly embraces the sexual opportunities that Ian offers and it all starts with a simple kiss that quickly escalates into Ian inducting her into the Mile High Club. Whew! And it only got hotter from there. I won’t deny that my favorite scene was when Elizabeth learned the benefits on Ian’s bisexuality and the ménage that occurred included MM, MMF, and MFM positions. It’s no wonder I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it (hello 2am). But as compatible as they were sexually, it was Elizabeth’s openness, honesty, and no-holds-barred communication that enabled her to dig her way under Ian’s skin, even if he didn’t realize it when it happened. As she dug in deep just by being herself, Ian found his way into her heart as well. This is what made their parting at the end of their arrangement so hard to witness. Their final time together was sensual and heartbreaking at the same time. This is also what made the ending so perfect. Fly Me Home was an excellent addition to the Home is Where the Heat Is series and I cannot wait to see what Wall has in store for her readers next.


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