Controlled Burn (Scarred Hearts #1) by Nikki Duncan #mf #review @NDUNCANWRITER

Controlled BurnHardened by scars. Softened by heart. Melded by fire.

Petite in stature but not in attitude, Delancey Winston put her fellow firefighters’ doubts to rest when she carried a half-burned man out of an arson fire. But she can’t shake the need to learn more about the haunting power of the man in her dreams—the one she pulled from a dead woman’s side to save.

Even more disturbing is the power of newly awakened memories she’s tried to bury.

Logan Mathis lost more than his accounting firm that day. He lost his beloved sister, his only remaining family. Now, his days filled with painful skin grafts and therapy, he works to avoid people. Until he runs into the woman who saved his life, who seems to see beyond his scars.

Slowly, Delancey’s generosity of spirit begins healing Logan from the inside. But their connection resurrects memories Logan would rather forget. Memories that could make Logan a target of someone who’s still trying to burn away his tracks.

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The damsel saves the dude, and that’s not a spoiler. It’s a clue that things are about to get hot. Really hot.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Controlled Fire is a story about love, loss, heartache, fighting to get back to life, and a lot more. Delancey has never been accepted by her mother. She chose to become a firefighter after being rescued, herself. When she pulls a man, Logan, out of a burning office building, she can’t fight the connection she feels between them. Delancey offers Logan her help in recovery, which leads to them becoming closer.

The fire that injured Logan has been deemed an arson and he is one of the main suspects. I realize that created suspense and intrigue within the story, but really? He was in the hospital recovering and could not have set the later fire that was linked to his. The poor guy has been through so much – the deaths of his parents, living in an abusive home after their deaths, his sister dying in the fire, and being considered a suspect. His scars and injuries just make him feel that much more doomed. But, Delancey is his light, even though he tries to push her away.

I found the writing and storytelling to be a bit slow. Also, the cast of secondary characters was pretty large. I’m not sure if they were all needed. However, the “ghost” of Ashely, Logan’s sister, is my favorite character in the entire story. I love how she advised and guided Logan throughout the story, just as she would have if she were still alive.

Overall, this was a good story that has the potential to be great. It just did not fully hold my attention because of the pace.


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