Carnal Sacrifice by Angelika Helsing #mf #review

Carnal Sacrifice

To lift a curse, she must survive an orgy of pleasure.

Delaney Jones dedicates her life to the Peace Corps—up at dawn, work past dusk. On a mountain overlooking the Sacred Valley in Peru, she’s thousands of miles away from the real reason she fled her home. Her stepbrother, rock god Jaden Seavers.

But half a world isn’t far enough to outrun the strange, erotic visions of him that disturb her dreams. When she unexpectedly encounters Jaden on a desolate Peruvian road, their mutual hunger is stronger than ever.

In the uncontrollable rush of desire, Jaden can no longer hide the truth. He is a vampire—and he’s not alone. Many of his kind have come to Peru to take part in a ritual that will make them mortal.

All they need is a vessel strong enough to withstand the power of five vampires gone wild with an unholy craving. And when the eruption of lust is over, survive to fill the emptiness of the one man who loves her more than life itself…

Warning: Contains the ultimate battle between sex and death. An orgy of pleasure so sinful, so forbidden, readers might need a week to recover. If you get lightheaded, remember to put your head between your knees.

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Delaney went into the jungles of Peru to escape her lust for her stepbrother. But, Jaden follows her and reveals that she is the Chosen One and that he is a Vampire. She must sacrifice herself during a ritual and give herself over, mind, body, and soul, to five vampires in order to save humanity and allow them to become mortal. Otherwise, they will become demons and destroy the human race. Jaden’s mother, Val, has never loved Delaney and does not want the ritual to take place. She resents Delaney for being the one the men in her life loved most. First, Delaney’s father and now Val’s own son, Jaden. If Jaden becomes mortal, he cannot carry on their familial line of vampires and he will be the last born vampire in their family.

This story was not lacking in hotness! The sex scenes in this book are panty melting. But, the rest of the story seemed rushed and not as important as they should have been. I was intrigued by the story of the Inca sacrifices tying into the vampire race and the ritual that Delaney, Jaden, and the others were taking part in and would have enjoyed more of that being explored. Other than that, it’s a good story with a lot of hot, steamy, intense, sex!


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