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BURIED DESIRES – A Horror Double Feature


From a gothic tale of love to a story of terrifying secrets and twisted obsession, Buried Desires is a pairing of fun and fright by two new names in gay horror.

*** Includes special links for two BONUS Hidden Chapter short stories, only available with the Buried Desires eBook. ***

Cold Fingers – a love story
by Amy Spector

Christopher Minnick is at a bad place in his life. Turning thirty and newly out of the hospital, the last thing he wants to do is attend a birthday dinner even if it is being thrown in his honor.

When he is introduced to a friend’s godson things just might be starting to look up. Or are they?

All the good ones are either married or straight. Or they’re necrophiliacs.

Deadly Sugar – you can never be too thin
by Ofelia Gränd

After six years of a relationship going nowhere, Jett has moved away to start over. Maybe his new neighbour David can help distract him from the ache left by his ex’s absence.

David on the other hand has a whole root cellar full of lovers. He doesn’t need another one. And no matter what treats Jett offers, David knows nothing tastes as good as thin feels. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Buried Desires is the compilation of two short stories by two different authors. Full of horror, suspense, and mystery, each is a spine chilling tale of intrigue.

Cold Fingers by Amy Spector –

At first, as I was reading, I thought the relationship between Christopher and Vic was sweet! But then, HOLY MOLY!! What a twist! I didn’t see that coming at all and then BAM! I had no idea how Christopher would get past that after he found out about Vic. If you find out your man is cheating on you….with dead bodies…RUN the other way! This was so spine chillingly good!!  I raced to the end wanting to know more. It didn’t end in a way I wanted and left me with more questions, but WOW! What a story!

My Rating: 5 Stars


Deadly Sugar by Ofelia Grand-

Do YOU know your neighbors? Really know them?!?! David is dark and likes beautiful things. But, he keeps something horrific in his basement. Jett moves next door to David and is looking for his former boyfriend. If he only knew what happened to him!  Jeff falls for the mysterious, and odd, David and decides to win him over with some yummy baked goods.

I was suspicious of Jeff and wondered if he was just as crazy as David. The way this story read was like peaking around a corner and waiting for the boogie man to jump out! It didn’t end as I thought, but that’s ok. It was even better.

My Rating: 5 Stars


Each story tells a different tale, but together they create such a scary, horrific, twisted, book that makes the reader afraid and intrigued. Kudos to both authors!


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