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Marc Francis is a paid assassin. Other than that, he’s a pretty normal guy, like how he’s got a little thing for the blond guy in 39D. Just a normal guy with a normal crush, until one of Marc’s enemies tries to get the drop on him in the elevator and then it’s the blonde cutie to the rescue: Dillon Carter, from 39D, sacrifices his potted plant to save him.

Instantly, Marc and Dillon develop a strong sexual connection. As the months go by, while they steal time together, it develops into something more. But Marc doesn’t really do relationships, and Dillon worries Marc will never be able to love him back the way he needs.

Also, when you’re a paid assassin, not everybody is rooting for your happy ever after. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Liz Cat

The concept of Assassins are People Too by S.C. Wynne interested me right away. A man thaws an assassin’s formerly icy heart to bring desperately needed love to both of their lives. In the first scene, the civilian, Dillion, rescues Marc, the assassin, from certain death with a potted fern. I was able to look past the sophomoric writing because that had to be the best life-saving technique ever.

But then they had sex right after almost being killed. And the believability – and thus my investment – went downhill from there. Marc never pretended to be more than he was – a killer who doesn’t form attachments for his own safety. Yet, he teased Dillion with scraps of a relationship in the form of insincere declarations and infrequent visits all while constantly promising to disappear forever once he “retired.” Dillion, in turn, clung to the hope Marc’s intermittent visits provided him, offering to give up his current life to follow Marc where ever he went. Dillion’s dedication to a man unwilling to show his affect took him from a nice, quirky guy to pathetic in the course of a few scenes.

Perhaps this book would have been better had the author not rushed from one plot point to another. I would have liked to see more of Marc’s world so I had more explanation for his lack of communication with Dillion than “it isn’t safe for you to know more.”

Despite an engaging concept, Assassins are People Too falls short on delivery, in my opinion. I’m sure others will disagree. I will not be reading the second book in the series.


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