A Clean Break (Gay Amish Romance #2) by Keira Andrews #mm #review @keiraandrews

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They’ve escaped to the outside world—but can they really be free?

David and Isaac have found happiness in each other’s arms. In faraway San Francisco, Isaac’s brother Aaron helps them explore confusing “English” life and move beyond the looming shadow of their Amish roots. For the first time, David and Isaac can be openly gay, yet they struggle to reconcile their sexuality with their faith. At least they don’t have to hide their relationship, which should make everything easier. Right?

But while Isaac thrives at school and makes new friends, David wrestles to come to terms with the reality of the outside world. Haunted by guilt at leaving his mother and sisters behind in Zebulon, he’s overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city as he works to get his carpentry business off the ground.

While David and Isaac finally sleep side by side each night, fear and insecurity could drive them miles apart.

This is the second chapter in a trilogy of forbidden Amish love. This book features explicit sex and is not an inspirational/Christian novel. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

(if you haven’t read Book 1, go do that before you read this review.)

First off, this book, #2 of the series is a bit of an angst-fest. Fair warning. And you know how I hate angsty books. However, this is a must read.

In book 1 – A Forbidden Rumspringa, the entire book was told from Isaac’s POV as he got to know David and their relationship progressed until the amazing ending which gave them an HFN. Now, in book 2 – A Clean Break – the entire book is from David’s POV. And David has a very angsty personality. His past is clawing at him 24/7, he thinks he needs to protect Isaac from his own fears, and he’s trying to convince himself he’s doing okay even though he’s not.

David and Isaac have escaped Zebulon, Minnesota and the closed minds of their families and are now living in San Francisco with Isaac’s brother Aaron. But how do two men who have only lived in a closed Amish society survive in the wilds of the big-bad city? As if to add fuel to the issues, they are in a brand new relationship, don’t really know how to communicate, and are making mistakes left and right.

To say that causes a major misunderstanding would be putting it mildly, but our boys still seem destined for happiness…until their past comes to call in a most unfortunate way.

If you loved book 1 (which I did), then you might as well buy books 2 and 3 at the same time, because you will NOT want a break after you finish book 2 as it ends on a cliffhanger.

Review to book 3 to follow.

A Clean Break is a definite 5 star read – even with the angst.

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