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Brilliant surgeon Nathan Kirkfield comes face-to-face with his childhood demons when his parents’ deaths force him back home to settle the family estate. Sent to oversee the sale of the house and contents is former FBI Agent Kelly MacNiel, now of the MacNiel Auction House; he couldn’t possibly have imagined he’d find the young man from a case gone horribly wrong grown into a devastatingly attractive man. The two of them discover a connection built in the ruins from that tragedy.

Now Nathan must decide if he can accept the changes in his life that this relationship will bring while struggling with his boss’s harassment and her threats to destroy his work. To complicate matters, unexplained break-ins lead to an attempt upon Nathan’s life. If Kelly doesn’t conquer the monsters that besiege him, everything he’s come to love will be at stake. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I had high hopes for the book, the blurb sounded so good. And it was okay, but I found several pieces throughout so unrealistic for both people and the professions they were supposed to be in and retired from, that really took away from the story.

Kelly, an ex-FBI agent, who was shot in the line of duty is recovering, in the mean time working for the family business.

Nathan, a celebrated heart surgeon has come back to clear out the family home he was kicked out of at 16, when his parents found out he was gay.

What happens during the two weeks while the house is being cataloged and getting ready is a mess of self awaking, self discovery,   family drama on both sides, with work drama and throw some B and E for good measure.

I did enjoy the Nathan and Kelly show, them two together, discovering the love they thought they had lost all those years ago.  The side shows, well entertaining but less is sometimes more.

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