Underneath It All by Jack Bumgardner

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When Crosby Comeaux, the owner of the only gay detective agency in New Cypress can’t even pay his light bill he decides that it’s time to close up shop. But, Armin Bleu, a cute blond with evidence of a double murder, convinces him to take on one last case. As Crosby investigates the murder it becomes clear that the motive was not just kinky sex gone wrong but something much more sinister. His journey takes him into a circle of men who have devised a plot that could literally destroy New Cypress and everything he loves—including his memories. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 April's Showering Words

The Gay community,  a better class of people, above all criminal back stabbing and conniving, or are they just people some good some bad?
Crosby Comeaux is a private detective, who happens to be gay, and believes that his community is above all the criminal back stabbing that comes with organized crime.  He knows sometimes bad things happen, even that some people are just wired wrong.  Still as a whole he deals that the gay community as a whole has evolved into a honest and non-judgmental community.
A young kid came to his office stating that he feared for his life because he caught a double murder on his phone.  Armin, the kids name, seems upset in tears.  Crosby sends him down the hall with his partner Willis, while he goes through the pictures on the phone.
It seems like everything is true, but something is bothering Crosby.
He sends Armin home, although he keeps his phone, and goes to the murder site.  The police are there as expected.  Armin has stated that he called them.  The police allow them to walk the crime scene with supervision.  As they converse with the Lt. on scene Crosby starts to notice discrepancies in the story the police have and the one he was told.
As the case goes on other things happen that begin to make sense to Crosby.   Within a week of starting this case he decides that it is in his best interest to let it go.  The police can handle it.
This is a wonderful book that leads you through the process of self discovery and how to follow the puzzle pieces of a twisted criminal mind.  Crosby is a really exceptional character,  you can almost feel his turmoil everytime he is miss led or figures out something that changes the way he feels about someone or something.   I really hope there is a sequel in the making.