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Bottoms up!

If a college freshman can’t get laid in sun-drenched Miami, he’s doing something wrong. Frankie Perez is determined to help his roommate get some man action in any way possible.

When Frankie’s arsenal of dating apps, fashion advice, and playing-hard-to-get lessons doesn’t work, he realizes Jeremy needs remedial help. Except tutoring Jeremy in the art of sex gets steamier than Frankie expected—and it scares the hell out of him.

Jeremy’s not sure why he’s wasting his time hooking up when he’s only got eyes for the slinky, sexy roommate he comes home to at night. But the hotter their chemistry simmers, the quicker Frankie dances away.

In near desperation, Frankie suggests the two of them team up to find a third to top them both, forgetting that two bottoms aren’t immune from lusting after each other. In a world where every man is an option, choosing one to love can be the sexiest risk of all.

Warning: Contains questionable morals, copious immature hijinks, an X-rated photo shoot, and disastrous threesomes. Sex toys were misused (but not harmed) in the making of this book. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Twofer ended up (no pun intended) being a much sweeter read than I expected. As we’re dealing with two college freshmen, one of whom was new to sex, I was expecting the obligatory angst, a butt load of sex (still, no pun intended), and just a little bit of romance. Harris does angst well as Frankie sets out to help his roommate, Jeremy, navigate the perils of dating and sex. Fortunately, the author does not go over-the-top with the angst as Frankie finds himself getting far more attached to Jeremy than he expected. After all, how can a relationship ever work between two bottoms with no interest in topping?


I really liked both Frankie and Jeremy, and that there was a true friendship between them that served as the basis for their story. Their friendship makes it easy to understand why Frankie is willing to get Jeremy in the dating scene, even more so once we learn that Frankie finds Jeremy attractive even while admitting to himself that a relationship between them could never work because he believes them to be completely sexually incompatible. Frankie’s willingness to go the extra mile for his friend makes for some seriously sexy scenes as he provides some hands-on instruction. While Frankie’s lessons are clear, his signals are mixed, and this leaves Jeremy questioning what they are to one another more than once. But as the lessons progress and their relationship changes, Frankie makes a last-ditch suggestion for a threesome in hopes that he can discover a way to keep Jeremy and get their needs met sexually without destroying their fledgling relationship.


Jeremy’s “dates” were a mix of hilarious and creepy. I caught myself laughing at his misery more than once when dealing with the latest dating app disaster. The threesomes were their own brand of misery and I began to question Frankie’s decision to keep trying them. I was surprised at how clueless Frankie was regarding Stephan. For a guy whose hit-it-and-quit-it routine demands that he be able to pick up on others’ signals, he was surprisingly obtuse when it came to Stephan’s feelings for him. Matt and Bruce turned out to be a pleasant surprise and I was so happy that friendship worked out as well as it did. I loved how supportive Frankie’s family was of him and Jeremy. But it was watching the awkwardness that was Frankie and Jeremy as their relationship changed over the course of the novel that was my favorite part of the book. I was pleased that Harris didn’t make their relationship easy and that their age and experience or lack thereof was obvious in their approach to one another. There was just the right amount of angst for their age and situation that made it believable for me, which also translated into some sweet and rather heartfelt moments between the guys. I thoroughly enjoyed Twofer and hope this is not the last we’ve seen of Frankie and Jeremy.


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