Tower of the Ice Lord by Anne Mok

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Don’t you believe someone can love enough to die for another?

Arius the sorcerer has lived in solitude for centuries, watching over his frozen tundra and sending his ice wolves against the kingdom of Evernesse. Only a sacrifice of royal blood can end the war, and it comes when Loren, son of the king of Evernesse, arrives at the Ice Lord’s tower, willing to die to procure peace. Though stunned and mistrustful, Arius agrees. But as the fateful day draws nearer, Arius learns Loren’s bravery and commitment run deeper than he suspected, and Loren begins to see the lonely man beneath the Ice Lord’s mask. Arius’s god demands a sacrifice, Loren might be his people’s only hope, and both men must choose between the conflicting demands of duty and love. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This quick novella (around 80 pages on my reader) was fast paced, easy to follow and even though fantasy, I would not call it high so no really strange name’s hard to pronounce and so on.  Also the story is complete fade, which is fine, but to the point, that I’m not sure if the two MC were actually lovers or just friends? And that’s an issue, for me.

In this world, we’ve been fighting for centuries, until one person decided enough. He says for love, but we never really figure that out, who’s love?

However, the way the two MC’s learn each other while waiting for the day of reckoning was sweet.

And the way they both try and save each other again and again. Proving to each other and others there devotion to the cause, the friendship and more.


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