The Cottage on The Border (The Jenna Kroon Series, #1) by Hannah Warren

The Cottage on The Border

Jenna’s earliest memory is of her mother’s feet dangling in dust motes, as a three year old left orphaned while her mother’s corpse hung from a beam. Her mother committed suicide, that’s how she escaped and freed herself. When her own life falls apart Jenna’s earliest memory becomes her anchor, she too wants to be free.

Vincent Van Son is Jenna’s adopted brother, her psychiatrist, perhaps her only friend. He takes her to the Cottage for recovery, determined to rescue his sister from herself after her failed suicide attempt. The cottage on the border is at Oud Land, and is the location of many dark secrets.

Jenna’s close call with death leaves her open to the psychic world, and in this cottage in the onset of a misty winter, Jenna hears them, the voices of the past, memories of what happened on the border. It becomes a journey to herself. She has to listen, to witness, she has no choice. Their stories are her story, and it is a long heritage of murder, deceit, ethnic discourse and betrayal.

Perspective returns to the introspective prima ballerina, she has learned the truth of her family, of this cottage of psychic confessions. She alone emerges from the rubble of six decades of troubled family history, a lone phoenix.

Psychic Confessions is a tale of murder, mystery, intrigue, familial despair, heartbreak, and spiritual resurrection. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

The Cottage on the Border is the story of a girl, Jenna, who is taken to a cottage to recover after a failed suicide attempt. At three years old, her own mother was found hanging from the rafters of a barn with little Jenna at her feet. The family that found her took Jenna in and adopted her as their own. Their son, Vincent, adored her and it is he that helps her on her recovery journey at the cottage. Vincent has grown to become a psychiatry student and his professor agrees that it would be a good idea for him to go with Jenna to the cottage to keep an eye on her. But, he makes Vincent promise to check in with him. Jenna is searching for answers to who she is. Where does she comes from? She finds those answers, but at a cost.

I had mixed feelings about this story. Filled with mystery and suspense, the sadness contained within this story tugged at my heart. But, a good story take the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions along with the characters. The author did just that and did a great job of it, too.


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