The Bride (Lairds’ Fiancées #1) by Julie Garwood

The Bride

By edict of the king, the mighty Scottish laird Alec Kincaid must take an English bride. His choice was Jamie, youngest daughter of Baron Jamison…a feisty, violet-eyed beauty. Alec ached to touch her, to tame her, to possess her…forever. But Jamie vowed never to surrender to this highland barbarian.

He was everything her heart warned against—an arrogant scoundrel whose rough good looks spoke of savage pleasures. And thought Kincaid’s scorching kisses fired her blood, she brazenly resisted him…until one rapturous moment quelled their clash of wills, and something far more dangerous than desire threatened to conquer her senses… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

Julie Garwood’s Lairds’ Fiancées series was one of my favorites since the first time I read the first one over a decade ago. When I found The Bride on audio, I jumped. When listening to the audio version of one of your favorite books, the narrator is put to the test I think. All narrators have to bring the book to life, but when it’s one of your favorite books, they’ve got to be exceptional. And Rosalyn Landor was beyond exceptional.

She brought each voice to life, so that whether or not they had the narrative of “Alec said” or “Jamie asked”, I still knew who was talking. (And Alec’s voice? Wonderful!) This book is a great romance. It’s got highlanders (And that probably says it all anyway), romance, murder, attempted murder, an Englishwoman married off to a Scottish Laird…yeah, it’s got everything.

I love the relationships between the highlanders themselves. Especially the men. Friends on one side, possible enemies on the other, and they’re just fine with that, thank you very much.

But again, the narrator breathed life into an already wonderful book, making it breathe, dance, and sing. If you enjoy historical romance with a huge dose of highlanders, I highly suggest The Bride.

Story Rating: 5 stars

Audio rating: 5 stars

Overall Rating: 5 stars

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