Rough Draft by Leo d’Entremont

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Elliot “Ray” Douglas is an army veteran with PTSD and a closet full of secrets. Discharged and alone after an explosion on the battlefield and the implosion of his sham marriage, Ray is salvaging what’s left of his life. Attending a community college should help him adjust to civilian life and give him a sense of direction again—if Ray survives one hot teacher hell-bent on getting to know him.

Young adjunct English professor Brian Randall enjoys challenging his students and tends to get under their skins. Brian decides to push Ray not only in Composition I, but also in facing himself and dealing with his issues. While coping with the death of a squadmate and the destruction of the only life he’s known, Ray will face his greatest fear—admitting he’s gay.

This semester is Ray’s chance at making a new life for himself, and if all goes well, Brian will make sure he’s a part of it. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

My second book by this author and I just loved it. Does such an amazing job putting us inside the brains and feelings of these charaters.

Ray is starting he second part of his life, by going to community college and with that reentering civilian life, again. Going through this journey with Ray is just amazing, the struggles,  the small wins. Brilliant.

When we meet Prof. Randall, we know he’s going to be the downfall, but easing that downfall was a perfect way for them to have a courtship.

These two together, taping around each other was a fun to read. Who will break first.

The nice surprise was the family, especially the father.

My only small complaint, I would like to see them together longer before the book ended. Instead of just really getting to know each other. Couldn’t even call it HFN.

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