Right By Your Side (Martin Ranch #1) by Christi Snow 1

Right By Your Side

Best Female Country Artist. Sold out world-wide tour. Record-setting album sales. It’s been a stellar year for Skye Taylor and it’s left her exhausted. All she wants to do is go home to Oklahoma, curl up in her little house, and veg out in pj’s with a pile of junk food. But when her tour bus crashes in the middle of West Texas, her priorities suddenly shift. Now she’s sitting bedside hoping her best friend and bodyguard, KC, survives.

For Scott Martin, he simply wants this horrible year to end. After the murder of his brother, his family is falling apart. With one crisis after another pulling him back to the family ranch, he’s put way too many late night miles on his truck between his family home and Lubbock, where he works as a paramedic. When he comes upon the wrecked tour bus, he has no idea this is one emergency which will change his life forever.

Skye and Scott quickly form a friendship which hints at possibilities of more. But as these two dodge paparazzi, over-zealous label executives, and stalker fans, they soon discover that everything is easier when you have someone you trust RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE. And that becomes even more important when they discover the bus wreck wasn’t an accident… addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

Having read Snow’s Snowcroft Men series, I was intrigued by the idea of reading an M/F romance as I really like her M/M romances. As I was nearing the end of the book, I kept thinking that it was way more predictable than I expected it to be based on my experience with the author’s other series. Snow still delivers some seriously hot chemistry between Skye and Scott. But the romantic suspense angle wasn’t living up to my expectations. And then…. Oh, my goodness! I owe Snow a major apology for underestimating her, because the one whodunit, wasn’t who I thought it was and never was a suspect in my mind.


Keeping in mind that I (incorrectly) thought the romantic suspense angle was predictable, I still enjoyed seeing the story unfold. Initially, it was unclear as to who the actual target was and this ratcheted up the tension significantly. Even after it was determined that Skye was the killer’s target, all but one of the incidents occurred unexpectedly. So that part of the action kept me invested in the story even as I thought I knew who was responsible. But my true investment in Right By Your Side was the romance that developed between Skye and Scott. After some rather amusing misunderstandings and assumptions, watching them turn a bad situation into a friendship and the foundation for something more was enjoyable. It’s also what made Skye’s withdrawal from Scott so heartbreaking. Thankfully, Skye’s best friend had no problem stepping in and making sure Scott knew not to give up on Skye and sent him after her – a decision that ended up being even more advantageous than it looked like it would be at the time. I certainly give the author props for lulling me into a false sense of expectancy when it came to who was behind all of the attacks. And I am definitely looking forward to Cruel Serendipity because I have to know if KC lets Josh in or not.


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