Pre-Game (Chess, #7) by Sean Michael

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Before there were four, there were three. Learn how Rook, Knight and Bishop came together.

When Rook and Knight meet at a live drawing class Rook is modeling for, it’s lust at first sight. Open and eager with his sexuality, Rook immediately draws Knight’s attention. Lust soon turns to love for the two men. The question, though, is what happens when a third man feels like he belongs with them?

Dive into this story of how Rook, Knight and Bishop met to become the threesome who invited Jason to join them in the Chess series.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I needed this story, answered the questions I had.

No spoilers, but we finally get to find out how Rook’s get to meet Knight and Bishop. Who connects the names first. And were the money comes from.  We all understand Knights money, oblivious, the art. But Rook and Bishop. Who meets whom first, who puts on the moves first.

All so thrilling!

What I really enjoyed was the connection that these three had, pretty much from the beginning, they all were in the right place, mentally, physically emotionally.


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