Pieces Of One, Part 2 (The Dark Life Collection, #2) by S.V.C. Ricketts

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Book TWO in a three part dark suspense/contemporary romance series. Be warned: IT HAS A CLIFFHANGER ENDING!
** Due to explicit language, violence and sexual scenes, this is recommended for a mature audience, 18+. Read with extreme CAUTION. **

¸.•*´¨) Trista (¸.•´
Within the last few weeks I’ve been stalked, almost raped, witnessed a murder, and found out I am working with the FBI. All because of that slutty tramp, Marvy. Mind you, I did have my first sexual experience with a smoking hot guy, so there’s that…but I still hate her.

´*•.¸ Marvy .¸.•*
That wimpy cry-baby blames me for everything which is total joke! If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have gone back to the club without a gun. Now I’m stuck with that jerk-off, Bryson, hiding from people that want to see me dead.

¸.•*´¨) Trista (¸.•´
I’m supposed to be getting the dirt on Bryson, but truth of the matter is, I think I’m falling for the scumbag. He did kill someone to protect me, but he’s the reason he had to. Sigh. I don’t know what to think about him. He doesn’t know about my secrets. Or maybe he does.
The only man I can trust is Alex. But he doesn’t know where I am thanks to Bryson. I love them both in ways that are completely different—kind of like my alters.

•**• Valeria •**•
Wat a friggin’ mess! Dez two are idjits! addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Part 2 picks up right where the first book left off, with Bryson taking Trista for her own protection. She has multiple personalities (DID) and more and more of her alters come out within this story. Each one has her own way of protecting Trista, but they are all so very different from her. Like the first book, the push/pull between all of the different alters kept me engaged and wanting more. Where this book differs that there is more than just Marvy to deal with. She is just the beginning of what lives deep inside Trista’s mind.

As for Bryson – I wasn’t sure what to make of him in the first story, but he won me over in this one. He really has Trista’s best interests at heart and wants to protect her the best way he knows how. All I can say is Alex who?

Again, the author does such a fantastic job of pulling the reader in and keeping him/her engaged within the story. There is not a bad thing about this entire book, except for the massive cliffhanger that is warned about!! S.V. Ricketts just earned herself a lifelong fan with this book! I HIGHLY recommend anyone that loves a good suspenseful romance to start with book one and then go right into this one. You will not be disappointed!!


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