Not Safe For Work by L.A. Witt

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They’re a match made in the dungeon…until their secret gets out.

Bored senseless in a meeting, architectural modeler Jon McNeill amuses himself with a kinky dating app on his phone. Then the app matches him with another user…who’s six feet away. Suddenly Jon finds himself on the same page as someone way above his pay grade: millionaire property developer Rick Pierce. His firm’s biggest—and hottest—client.

The app isn’t kidding either. They’re a perfect match. Jon’s a Dom, Rick’s a sub, and bondage is their thing. Both guys are well into their forties, know their way around the bedroom, and definitely appreciate a good suit. And the best part? They’re a match outside the bedroom too.

But office relationships aren’t easy to keep a secret. When the truth comes out, Jon is certain he’s about to get fired. Instead, his bosses throw him a curve ball—an ultimatum that puts both his job and his relationship in jeopardy.

Warning: Contains literal and figurative sex machines, blindfolds, a sub being punished during a business meeting, enough rope to tangle up a millionaire, and a Golden Girls marathon. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Jon is sitting in a meeting with a high profile client bored out of his mind. He decides to pass the time by checking his email and a few other apps on his phone, one of them being an app to find other kinky sex partners in his area. He opens that one and is SHOCKED to see that there is a match right there IN THE ROOM WITH HIM! Who could be submissive, into men, and kinky? He looks around the room and sees the client, aka CEO of the large firm they are working with, wink at him. Jon is shocked!

Rick leads a high profile life as the CEO of a high profile company. After the meeting, he runs into Jon in the elevator and tells him that he would like to meet for drinks to discuss “more”. They meet and both men are very attracted to each other. They agree to go to a hotel room to see how compatible they really are, but things get steamy in the parking garage before they can even get into their cars.

What transpires is a lot of HOT sex, an intense attractions, and a VERY SEXY Dom/sub relationship between two very different men. Jon is the DOM and he is good at what he does in the bedroom. Rick is always in charge at work, but likes to be dominated in his personal life. But, the two men also explore vanilla sex, which is sexy and sensual all on its own.

Jon is the main character within this story and we find out a lot about his personal life. He has an ex-wife and kids. He is also very afraid of anyone finding out that his bisexual and a Dom. Not much was said about Rick, and I wish we got to know him a little better within this story. It almost made it feel unfinished.

Overall, this was a great story between these men! Just make sure you have a fan ready to cool yourself off when reading their love scenes!


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