Naughty Escapes: Eleven Naughty Vacation Getaways

Naughty EscapeDisclaimer MaleTAGEleven naughty vacation getaways including BBW, BDSM, contemporary, historical, dark fantasy, M/M, ménage, paranormal & shape-shifter, from Amazon bestselling authors!

Take a naughty trip around the world with us to a penthouse playroom in San Francisco, the shore of Lake Superior, a deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle, a mob-controlled nightclub in pre-revolutionary Havana, along the River Cam near Cambridge University in England, a sex club in Paris, a nude beach in Barcelona, the ancient Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, a villa overlooking Lake Como in Italy, a honeymoon in Berlin, and a swanky condo in Zurich.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

This was a fun, sexy, and steamy collection of stories that each had a little something different within.  With shifter, ménage, m/m, and BDSM, and more, there is something for everyone within these pages. Not every story was amazing, but there was not a bad story in the collection.  I’ll give my rating of each, but will give more detail on the ones that I liked best. Overall, this was a great read and I give it a full 5 Stars for the entire book!


Hybrid Mates: Sex Me Up by Nicole Austin – Lindy goes to a sex club in Paris for her 29th birthday. Sebastian sees her and requests time with the beautiful jaguar and they two spend a steamy night together. But, during their encounter, the find out that Sebastian is Lindy’s one true mate! Lindy doesn’t want to commit and settle down. Especially, not somewhere other than her hometown of Houston, Texas. She runs home and continues working, but Sebastian finds here and informs her that he also lives in the same town. Lindy is relieved and allows her mate to mark her as his forever. My Rating: 5 Stars


The Wyndmaster’s Escape by Charlotte Boyett-Compo – This was a fast paced read that was well done. Very detailed and great writing. My Rating: 4 Stars


Fireworks at the Lake by Berengaria Brown – This was a real quickie of a story with a quickie of a tryst. Andrew is vacationing at the lake for the long Independence Day weekend when he spots a sexy “Viking” sitting on the shore ahead of him. The Viking is named Luke, and Luke approaches Andrew and the two go for lunch together. After spending the afternoon talking and getting to know each other, they grab a quick dinner and watch the fireworks together….while making a few of their own. This was VERY SEXY!! My Rating: 4 Stars


Punting on the River Cam by Lainey-Jo Charles – I think this one is my favorite out of the entire anthology. Niell and Carissa are both in England for their friends’ wedding. NIell works with the groom and Carissa has known the bride since childhood. The two notice each other and end up meeting up while out for a walk, separately. They hit it off right away and end up taking a punt out on the river at the Cambridge campus. A punt is a gondola type of boat that can be rented. After their outing, they get caught in the rain and end up kissing (heatedly) on the university campus while waiting for the rain to let up. After racing back to the Inn, they shower and meet up for a sex, steamy, night of passion in Carissa’s room. Later, at the wedding, Niell pulls Carissa into a room at the church for some sexy time before the ceremony begins. This one was so smexy and HOT HOT HOT!! My Rating: 5 Stars


One Hot Havana Night by Suz deMello – A hot and steamy ménage between “brothers” and a reporter trying to go undercover in Cuba. My Rating: 4 Stars


Shake It Up by Francesca Hawley – Ross and Ally are trapped in an elevator after an earthquake. Things are a little awkward for Ally because Ross was the Dom who played with her at the sex club that she visited the night before. She is writing a story and visited as research on BDSM for her book, but her friend insisted that she play along if she went there. In order to pass the time, Master Ross teaches the shy Ally just what being his sub entails. This was so steamy and intense, in a GOOD way!! My Rating: 5 Stars


Window Display by Regina Kammer – This one wasn’t my favorite, but it was still a good story. Laurie travels abroad and things don’t go exactly as she hoped. My Rating: 3 Stars


The Lake by Moonlight by Katherine Kingston – Julie’s Professor sends her Milan to asses some paintings and she stays in his house with him. The two end up giving in to their passion for one another. My Rating: 4 Stars


Moon Dance by Terry Rissen – A paranormal story, Will and Christina are going to Europe for their honeymoon. Will has other “business” to attend to, so he plans on leaving his new bride with an aunt for her protection. But, Christina is not a wallflower and the winged couple fights together. My Rating: 4 Stars


The Bermuda Love Triangle by Belle Scarlett – Trista ends up on a deserted island with two sexy, alpha, males. I was hoping this would be a ménage, but it wasn’t. My Rating: 4 Stars


Get Away by Alexa Silver – Movie Director, Bryson, and Boy Bander, Kell, meet up on an all-male nude beach and things get very steamy between the two men. My Rating: 4 Stars


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