LUST: Book Two of the Shadow-Keepers Series by Jas T. Ward #ff #romance #newrelease

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Welcome back to the world of the Grid.

McKenzie Miller had never needed anyone. Not since she lost both her parents to a crime of passion at a young age. Shuffled from foster home to foster home, Kenzie finally took control of her own life and lived on the streets. Now she’s an adult and has a hard-wired survivalist core to never be used or abused again. She’s strong and no one will ever hurt her—because she will never let someone inside the one part of her that can still feel—her heart.

Lana had everything that her parent’s money could buy and until they lost it all in the economy crash, the young ballet dancer had a bright future with the San Francisco Ballet Company. Now she struggles to reach for her dream and still survive. And do so, alone. Until one night…

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Book two of Ms. Ward’s The Shadow Keepers series, Lust picks up where Madness left off. It’s a faster paced, amazing, story about McKenzie, Lana, and Bounce. The book sucked me in right way and wouldn’t let go. I’m fascinated by The Grid, the different personalities, and the way Kenzie is affected by what happened to her and her death and “rebirth”. We even get to see Reno and Emma! The story is gut wrenching, heart breaking, intense, dark, electrifying, and complex.

Kenzie Miller has lived a terrible life going from foster family to foster family. This has made her into a kick-ass, strong, take no crap woman who is not a wall flower like other heroines. She had terrible things done to her and that lead to her becoming like Reno. Her alternate, Lust, has always been with her, but Kenzie isn’t as accepting of her dark alter as Reno. Lust jeopardizes Reno’s relationship with Emma. I was NOT happy about that, but went with it. Then, we have Lana – Lust has some F/F action going on and is it sexy!! The steam coming off of my kindle was intense!

While this book can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading from the beginning of the series. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next, but either way, I am now a lifelong, die-hard fan!


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I was super excited to finally get to read book two of the Shadow-Keepers series. I ran my fingers lovingly across the screen of my e-reader as soon as the book downloaded which weirded out the lady sitting next to me in the coffee shop. Whatever, she just didn’t understand how awesome it was to finally once again be able to hang out with Candyman and Bounce.

Last we left Reno his world, already strange and confusing, had taken a turn down an even stranger path. Reno died and then he was brought back to life to fulfill his destiny as a Shadow-Keeper. As a Shadow-Keeper he’s the host to a shadow known as Madness and well Madness is what keeps him alive without that power he’d be dead in every sense of the word which would make readers, by readers I mean me, extremely unhappy so for our love of Reno we accept Madness in all his dark glory. Since coming back to life Reno hasn’t revealed himself to anyone beyond his Witch, Rugrat and Bella but when Reno finds out that the Grid has discovered another like him he decides it’s time to head back to the Grid and reveal that he’s alive and packing some new abilities.

McKenzie Miller had a rough childhood filled with pain and disappointment. At a young age she learned to develop a tough exterior in order to survive physically and emotionally. Along her journey she’s had one constant that has helped her survive and carry on, a voice of comfort, a companion inside her head helping when she needed guidance and protection, her shadow Lust. Unlike Reno, Kenzie isn’t as excited or accepting of her new fate. Being murdered by a psychopath and waking up to find out that the voice in your head is an ancient dark force that uses lust to feed doesn’t sound that great. No, Kenzie can’t help but feel cheated by life and angry at the situation but when she meets her heartbeat in a beautiful human named Lana she’ll be able to finally break down her walls and dive straight into the life she was destined to live.

I love Kenzie and Lana together. They were beyond adorable. Kenzie’s rough edge and Lana’s sweet poise make for the perfect combination. Kenzie is one badass and her temperament in entertaining especially when countered by Reno’s childlike goofy nature. The continuation of Reno and Emma’s story was a bonus part of the book. Those two are the very definition of destined to be together. I am so glad we got some time with Bounce even though it wasn’t in the best circumstances but oh man that ending. I squealed loudly! Lacy and Bounce. I have so much love for those two. I really hope there is a future for them. I know Bounce can’t exactly move on right now but at some point, fingers crossed for an L&B HEA. As usual Jas T. Ward hits it out of the ballpark with a captivating, entertaining and action packed romance. I can’t wait for book 3. Seriously, when do we get book 3?


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