Love’s Bitter Harvest by Jas T. Ward

Love's Bitter Harvest

Romance- The Ward Way

Matt and Katherine McCall were high-school sweethearts and in love from first kiss. But time changes people and sometimes the strongest seed of love can only harvest bitterness.

Fast forward four years–Katy has a new life far from the one she had with Matt. And she thought it was all worth it.

Matt McCall’s last four years were full of loss, doubt and sorrow. And now? He’s only half the man Katy left behind.

Can love survive in hardened, bitter tainted soil? Or does it eventually die under the coldness of heart-break.

From critically acclaimed author Jas T. Ward, Dead Bound Publishing is proud to present-

Love’s Bitter Harvest
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This story absolutely broke my heart.  Matt has lost everything. His parents died in a tragic car accident. His wife left him to go to New York to start a new career. Now, he lost the use of his legs after his own tragic car accident and he has given up. Matt’s sister called Katy to return and help him. He has been wallowing in bed, not facing his new life as a paraplegic.

The fact that Katy left, but they are still married says a lot for this couple. They are both stubborn with a lot of pride that neither of them wants to let go. Katy just up and left for her new job 4 years ago, and Matt couldn’t compromise and talk to her about it. He just assumed and demanded that she not take it, and she reacted by doing just that. They haven’t talked or settled their feelings since then, so there is a LOT left between them. Both characters frustrated me and I wanted to smack their heads together! But, the fact that the author made me feel so deeply for these two, proves just how great of a story this is. Katy tries to help and Matt reluctantly allows her…..when his anger and pride allow it. She knows how to push his buttons, but she is not the same sweet, meek, young, girl she was 4 years ago. Matt has been living in a fog since she left and they really need to hash things out and decide on the fate of their futures.

Overall, this was a great story that I did not want to put down.


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