Ghost of You (Phantoms #3) by Kelly Moran

Ghost of YouThe safest place is with the guy she doesn’t trust…

It’s no secret amongst the Phantoms crew that lead investigator Sammy Hanesworth pretty much hates psychologist Cain McClutchen. The tension between them is taut with dislike…and unexpected attraction. Cain knows full well that something about him rubs Sammy the wrong way. But now they’re on a terrifying case-with orders from the network to get along or else.

Filled with past horrors, the Nebraskan site is more than creepy. And Sammy knows it all too well. It’s her hometown and near the place where her mother was killed. As the sinister presence makes itself known, Sammy finds herself turning to the last person she ever expected-Cain. Even as darkness surrounds them, tensions gives way to something bright and unexpectedly intimate. But nothing will prepare them for the evil they are about to face…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAG

Sammy and Cain work together on the paranormal show, Phantoms, but there is something about him that she doesn’t like. The network demands that they get along on the next case or else! The next investigation is a little more personal to Sammy. It is near where her mother was killed and things start to let themselves be known.

This story is spine chilling and suspenseful all while sparks are flying between Sammy and Cain. The story instantly sucked me in and didn’t let go. I started reading it at bedtime and couldn’t sleep because I didn’t want to close my eyes in the dark! It’s that creepy…in a GOOD way! But, there is also the romantic, sizzling, hot part and that is just as intense as the spine chilling parts.

I was pleasantly surprised that this is the third book in a series, because I now have to go and get the rest of them to read because this author knocked my socks off! Great job, Ms. Moran!


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