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Professional baseball player Harmon “Hawk” Kiel was a rookie sensation with dazzling talent and an arrogant attitude to match. But he’s hit his sophomore slump, and his natural talent seems to have deserted him, along with the confidence of his team and the media’s approval. During the All Star Break he hits rock bottom, gets careless, and sensational pictures of him at gay clubs go viral. All at once he’s outed, and out of a job.

When he’s dealt to the Loggerheads, a worse-than-terrible expansion team in Charleston, South Carolina, he can’t imagine he’ll get a warm reception—nor does he particularly want one. But it’s the only chance at redemption he has.

There he meets Caleb Jackson, a former player who’s part of the Loggerheads organization, someone who tries to be the friend Harmon so desperately needs. But Caleb has a secret too, one more gut-wrenching than anything Harmon can imagine. Together they try to put the past behind them, rediscover their love of the game—and maybe even find the love of their lives. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

You know when you pick up a book and you really want to love it, well this was like that for me. I thought the characters were great, the story about LBGTQ finally finding a place in sports brilliant, and the evil fans and old team players right on queue. Even the amount of baseball lingo for a non baseball fan was just the right amount with out going over board and boring me to tears, like the real game does.  What I did find, that this book had in common with the real life game was in fact, it did feel like it was dragging in places and was starting to bore me.

The very beginning was past paced and exciting, but once we got the Loggerheads and went from game to game and the build from friends to lovers started happening, we slowed. I understand we need character development and Harmon needed to come to terms with his newly outed life.  And I did very much enjoy Caleb and Harmon together, dating, even the mother joining in.

Maybe because it seemed like this team was were all washed up, tale of woe, or brand new no one believes in me players end up. But found myself drifting and losing focus regularly while trying to finish this only 200 page book.

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