Forbidden Secrets (Forbidden Glades Book 1) by Liberty Lace

Forbidden SecretsDisclaimer MaleTAGGrowing up together, Tristan and Thaddeus have never seen eye-to-eye. In fact, the pair has thrived on being the bane of each other’s existence. Estranged for the past ten years, Tristan and Thad both knew that only a tragedy would reunite them. But now, in order to gain their inheritance, Tristan and Thad must make peace with each other and live together for the duration of one year in the guesthouse of Forbidden Glades, a plantation mansion deep in the heart of Louisiana. And while Tristan is initially willing to live in the same house… discovering Thad’s secrets and long-hidden desires is something that will unravel everything Tristan has ever known, not only about Thad… but about himself.

As the long, hot year begins to unfold, the breeze of the bayous will blow back the Spanish moss like curtains to reveal a love so scandalous, it could only belong in Forbidden Glades.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Triple ThreatTAGListening to Andrea LeeTAG

I’ve become a big fan of Liberty Lace. Not just because this author pushes the bounders of my comfort zone, which at first these type books did, but not anymore. But because in just a few page count we get an amazing detail of the lives, sights, sounds of what the story is talking about.

In this one, we have twin brothers that took different paths but found themselves thrown together by a will and possibly by something even greater than both of them could ever imagine.

I just loved the secondary charter in this one, she really brought the story around and made us believe. The brothers of course played well off each other, the way he knew but didn’t want to believe he was given a second chance.


April's Showering Words

This is a very hot steamy book that deals with twins and the taboo of a sexual relationship between them.


Tristan is involved with fashion in New York!  He is very involved in fashion shows and working on developing his own line of clothing.   He has been out as gay since he was 16. He only goes home to Forbidden Glades the family house when called or when he wants to recover from a painful situation.


Thaddeus is the opposite he has trekked around the world.  Is very self-contained, and avoids contact with Tristan.  The twins never got along even as kids. They fought and argued until their parents gave up hope that they would be a close nit family.


Until the day Thad calls Tristan during a fashion show and gives him the worst news possible.   Their parents had died in a light plane crash, and Tristan needed to come home.  At the reading of the will the full scope of their dilemma comes to light.  To keep their family home the twins must live in the guest house together for a year.


This is a well written story.  I really felt for both Tristan and Thad in different ways.  Tristan is a more emotional and feels that he is on his own with the loss of his parents.  Even though he has a brother, they have never gotten along.  He just wanted to get the funeral over with and go back to his life.  The will and perquisite that he stay for a year has really thrown him.  He is afraid of being alone with Thad and what could happen between them.  He has feelings for Thad that scare him and he is afraid that he will act on them and completely loose him.  The sexual draw towards Thad he feels cannot be normal and certainly not returned by his brother.


Thad on the other hand stuck me as a man who had seen the rougher side of life and lived through it.  He is quiet and stand offish, never to give an opinion.  He hides in the guest house and works out swims and basically just seems to try to exercise his demons away.  He works with weights at night and swims every morning.  Thad has been in love with Tristan since he was a teenager but felt that he could not tell anyone and so he has hid this form everyone.  The toll on him and his mental stability has been extremely difficult for him to deal with.  So he turned to alternate means to help him deal.


They come together at first in anger and then in relief, it makes you feel as if you are with them every step of the way.  The feelings and chemistry that comes across in this book are amazing.  The end of the story is rather abrupt but leaves you wanting to read the next book.


This is the beginning of a series and it was left as a cliffhanger.


Angela_s PonderingsTAG

I’m a bit torn on how to review this novella. There are parts of it that I enjoyed and parts of it that annoyed me. Having read the book’s blurb, I knew that this was an M/M twincest book, so obviously that aspect of the storyline wasn’t an issue. I actually enjoyed the relationship dynamic between Tristan and Thad – both the glimpses into their past as teens who couldn’t get along and their current arrangement which forced them to either live together for a year or lose their family home. That’s not even taking into account the taboo aspect of their relationship as the story progresses – which I am not ashamed to admit was hotter than I expected it to be.


However, what annoyed me was WHERE the taboo liaison occurred once Tristan and Thad were on the same page. While I did not grow up in the Louisiana bayous, I did grow up in the Florida Panhandle – literally right next to a swamp that had a gator or two (or more depending upon the water levels in the river) and on more than one occasion did a 180 to walk right back into the house because there was a gator sunning at the end of the road. With that in mind, I found the scene in which the gator attacked to be annoying because it’s not characteristic behavior of the reptile. Yet I gave the author leeway for artistic license as the scene was written with a very effective suspenseful air to it and I suspect a lot of readers won’t find fault with the scene because they didn’t grow up “aware” of gators in the same way. BUT, and that’s a big but, the idea that the twins would then flee to safety, away from the water, only to embark upon their twincest relationship while still in the swamp was a bit too much for me to swallow. No. Just no. You don’t have sex in the swamp immediately after surviving a gator attack, especially out in the open where ANYONE can walk up on you…having sex with your twin brother. Heck, you don’t have sex in the swamp, period – snakes, bugs, turtles, spiders, and other creepy crawlies make it one of the most unattractive places to have sex I can imagine, especially on the ground. Granted, the sex scene is hot, but I just couldn’t get past the location, especially as they could very easily have finished walking home and gotten down to business in a much safer environment.


Despite that, the rest of Forbidden Secrets was well-written and I enjoyed it. Lace does a nice job of giving enough background that you can feel the tension in the relationship between the twins in the beginning, and then unfolds the story in such a way that the shift in their feelings and attitudes toward each other is believable. That’s not to say that I believe twincest is a commonly occurring phenomenon in our society, but rather that I began this novella expecting it to occur and found the way in which the author took Tristan and Thad from estranged siblings to bed partners believable. As this is the first installment in the series, the question becomes – will I read the next book in the series? Honestly I don’t know. With Forbidden Secrets being my first twincest read, I don’t know how it compares to others in the genre. While I’m not dying to read the sequel, I did enjoy the writing style and would be interested in seeing where the author takes the guys as long as my schedule allows.


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