Don’t Drink the Holy Water (The Vamp for Me #4) by Bailey Bradford #mm @BaileyBFun4Me @PridePublishing

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Being left for dead sure has a way of changing a man.

All West wanted was one night of fun. He’d taken on the responsibility of raising his younger siblings after their parents died, had done so out of love, but he was a young man and he just wanted a chance to live like one for a few hours.

It almost cost him his life. It certainly meant his life was changed forever, and along with his life, the lives of his siblings. They were all exposed to a secret world they’d never known existed. Vampires.

Human children living alongside vampires…seemed unusual. Claude, the coven leader who saved West and his brothers and sisters, doesn’t have accommodations for kids. He finds one coven in the country that does, and sets about making a home there for West and his family. Before he sends West away, West meets an intriguing man, Axel, whom he encounters again months later. The attraction between them is strong, but there is more to consider than just how sexy Axel is.

Nothing in life is easy, whether you’re a vampire or a human.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to sexual assault and violence. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16  A-nony-mouseTAG

If you read book #3 in The Vamp for Me series, you met West. He’s one of the heroes in Don’t Drink the Holy Water. And kind of flat. I always got the feeling we were going to finally understand West and it never quite happened. We know he isn’t a fan of vamps. Check! We know he was harmed by being almost killed by a vamp. Check! And yet… he goes from “I’m never going to bite someone” to “OMG yes!” in a matter of a few err… words at one point. There was no transition. It went from NO to YES in a nanosecond.


And then there’s Axel, of which I never quite figured out why he wanted nobody to call him Roger. Nor could I figure out why he was still friends with his jerk friend Jukie. Seriously, some guy beats me up and leaves me for dead in the desert where I run into zombies and I’m not gonna stay friends with him. And then the Jukie part of the story suddenly flattens which makes me wonder if the author’s going to have him star in his own tale at some point and ugh. Though, I do think Terrance needs his own story.


I’ve decided that The Vamp for Me is an addictive drug. I have to keep reading each one and yet I don’t find much redeeming about them. And yet I can’t stop. If you like a book for fun reading where you don’t get too tied up with the characters or the plot, this is the book for you.threestars Purchase LinksTAG

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