Dark Guardian by Ammar Habib

Dark Guardian

It has been four years since Ethan Daniels stepped foot in Crown City. Four long years that he allowed everyone to believe he was dead and gone. But now he’s back, and with a vengeance.

After the gruesome death of his adopted sister at the hands of a merciless gang, there is nothing he wants more than revenge. He can’t sleep, he can’t think; all he hears are her cries in his ears and all he sees is her death in his mind.

Ethan comes home to take on one of the world’s most notorious crime lords in his bid for revenge, but he doesn’t expect a reunion with Katrina, the girl he loved as a boy. After multiple re-encounters with her, Ethan’s resolve begins to waver as he is forced to realize that he can’t have both love and vengeance. Retribution exacts a price, and fate—well, she has plans of her own. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 April's Showering Words

This is a very emoonal story.   If you want some light reading this is not the book for you. On the other hand if you want an intense, emotional and sometimes dark, this is a great book.
Ethan the main character, has returned from the dead, or rather from being declared dead after he had been missing for 4 years.  He is a changed man, cold and hard not at all like he was before he left.  Ethan is grieving for what he calls his little sister, Naira.  She was killed and he was beaten severely.   He had returned to get revenge on the ones who caused her death.
There was a difference in Ethan that everyone around him could sense.  He did not sleep, and barely ate.  He stalked the night taking down the middle men of the organized crime syndicated. Working his way through the corrupt cops and city officials.   As his body count went up, he got less and less sleep.
But as you know some things are destined to happen.  His life was written to follow certain lines, that do not follow what he is trying to make it.  Life will out.
This story had me smiling at the silliness, between Ethan and Katrina one moment and in tears the next.  But over all it kept me reading and wondering what would happen to Ethan next.  That one person could go through that much and still have a heart and soul.