Carnival – Decatur (Carnival #1) by Zoe Lynne

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In a world of lights, music, fanfare and fun, there’s not a lot left to the mundane, and nothing can be truer for four special boys whose lives intertwine in a most unusual, unexpected way. They all have secrets and supernatural powers that set them apart from the average small town high-schooler.

Jessie’s world revolves around his family’s traveling carnival. Tate’s busy being the good son to Decatur, Alabama’s first black mayor. Rand knows everyone’s secrets. And Donny wants a family. When sexuality and special abilities become each boy’s focus, a whole new realm of possibilities opens up. With an uncertain road ahead of them, their talents to see the future, hear other people’s thoughts, and manipulate wills might help them change their destined courses and find the right path.

Four boys. Each with his own cross to bear. Just trying to grow up. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I want to first say, I love the other alter ego of this author, so when I heard/saw that her YA books were up for review I jumped. Not a YA reader, I wasn’t sure what to expect except for brilliant writing and creative thinking. Which I got in spades.

We start with Jessie’s story, him and his father are the carnival, although Jessie wishes for a normal life, he knows until his dad retires, the carnival is it.

Coming into another nameless town he finds Tate and Rand, one is the object of his desire the other is the BFF.

Then out of the blue, Jessie dad hires Donny, who is vague about himself, his past and his place in life.

All four boys are about the same age and find a weird friendship as the muddle through the two weeks of the carnival being in town.

It’s amazing to me how not only did we get an in-depth tale of a canrie life, but through the eyes of several different age brackets.

The four boys/to young adults. The father and boss, the workers and the general public. And it was all blended together so perfectly with just enough detail that we feel bogged down by any of it, but instead was mesmerized just as Tate was when the lights went on for the first time.


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