Broken Heart by Tammy Faith

Broken Heart

I met Cris when I was five years old. He was my brother’s best friend. We started out as friends and eventually evolved to first kiss, first crush, first love. First everything.
I was an innocent little girl. Stupid. Naive. Cris and I promised each other forever.
Right then, we didn’t know that promises were so hard to keep. I was corrupted, each piece of me smashed against my foolish and childish wishes. Who would have thought that my boyfriend would become the vivid incarnation of my own personal demon?

Crisanto Tauli and Phoebe Stephen were happy.
Until that day.
The day she can’t seem to remember, and he can’t seem to forget. The day that she, ruled by her fears, left him. The day that she broke both of their hearts.
Now she has to face him, and her secrets, once again.


Broken Heart has the potential to be an amazing story! The focus of the story is Phoebe and Cris. They grew up together and met when she was just 5 years old and he was seven. Not only is Cris Phoebe’s boyfriend, but he is also her brother’s best friend. But, the story takes a dark turn when Phoebe’s life is turned upside down right before Cris leaves to visit his family in the Philippines. When he returns, he finds a broken girl who is unable to speak, pushes everyone away, and won’t tell anyone what is wrong.

This story is so gut wrenching and angst filled. I love a good, angst filled, story, but there were a few things that made it difficult to love this one. First of all, the jumping around within the timeline was annoying and messed with the flow of the book. One minute I’m reading about the present and then all of a sudden it flashes back to when Phoebe is five, or before the summer, or earlier than that. Very distracting. Secondly, the flow of the story did not work at all. Part of that is due to the timeline issue, but the events and interactions between the characters did not fit well together, in my opinion.

What I did like was the intensity of love between the main characters. Also, the subject matter is something that isn’t always explored in such a dark way, but the author did a great job of pushing the envelope without compromising the integrity of the main character (Phoebe). Her reaction to what happened was realistic and believable.

While I did enjoy the premise of the story and characters, I do think this could become something even better with a little clean up.


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