Alternate by Ernie Luis


His daughter died when she was eight years old.
He joined a secret time traveling organization soon after.
Now, almost a decade later, he still clings to their promise.
The promise that they’d let him go back and stop his daughter from ever dying.

But when a friend goes rogue back in time, she reveals deep and terrible secrets about the organization and all the promises they’ve failed to keep…
And everything changes.

The first book in a time travel short story series
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Alternate is a short sci-fi story where we have learned to alter time and travel to the past. Grey’s loss is heartbreaking. His daughter died by the hands of a hit and run driver. He is grieving the day of her birthday when he gets an assignment to go after a rogue agent. Grey is an assassin and works to earn the time to travel back to alter the day his daughter died. For his current mission, must travel through time without altering the present. He does, and he learns something that shocks him. When he returns from that assignment, he must go after another rogue assassin who veered off the course of her assignment. He follows after her and realizes an even more shocking detail that changes the lives of everyone, forever.

Even though this is a short, it packs a punch with the reader’s feelings. My heart bled along with Grey’s and I gasped at the ending, even though I suspected where it was going. If you have a few minutes for any story, definitely grab this one and read it!


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