Unnatural by Joanna Chambers

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James and Iain’s story – offshot of the Enlightenment series.

Captain Iain Sinclair. Perfect son, perfect soldier, hero of Waterloo. A man living a lie. The only person who really knows him is his childhood friend, scientist James Hart. But they’ve been estranged since Iain brutally destroyed their friendship following a passionate encounter.

Iain is poised to leave the King’s service to become an undercover agent in India. Before he leaves his old life behind, he’s determined to reconcile with James. An invitation to a country house party from James’s sister provides the perfect opportunity to pin the man down.

James has loved Iain all his life, but his years of accepting crumbs from Iain’s table are over. Forgiving Iain is one thing—restoring their friendship is quite another.

In the face of James’s determined resistance, Iain is forced to confront his reasons for mending the wounds between them. And accept the possibility that James holds the key to his heart’s desire—if only he has the courage to reach for it. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This is the first one for me, but I’m thinking that there are prior ones in the series the way other minor characters were mentioned and interacted with one of the MC’s.

This starts in the past when James and Iain first meet. It’s a sweet meeting and you can tell just by those few pages that something special is happening.

Then we jump to present day, fine Snapshot of how they meet, then start real story. And what a great start. Just what you see happening, happens. Iain joined years prior and in present day is resigning his commission. And you can’t wait for the rest. But then we jump backwards… again… Now I get we need a little back story on how these two were fairing in the years from boyhood to man hood. Esp. since we’ve had a fight and no communication. But, I’m just not a fan of couple of chapters in the present, couple in the past. Esp when the present one was on such a great story line role and then bam. We get flung in the past again, lose all momentum.

Talk about to souls that need each other but aren’t ready to at the right crossroads at the same time. Until, finally they are and it’s perfect.

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