Thianna Durston Monthly Spotlight

Thianna DurstonTS

Happy November, Readers, Writers, and ‘Rythmetics.


As I considered what to write for the month of November, I considered what the month meant. For most of the US, it’s Thanksgiving month, except for the Native Americans and I can’t quite blame them for not finding it a month to give thanks. And then, of course, there are tons of turkeys who probably wish the holiday would go bye-bye. So for those who celebrate it:


May you stuff yourself with turkey or tofurkey, not imbibe too much tryptophan, and get tons of time to read.


Of course, it is November, which in the US every other year means it’s election time. While we may not be in an election year, we are now waist deep in presidential campaign doo-doo.


May you all turn off the television, ignore the radio and the paper, and actually do something positive without those, errr, (calling them people doesn’t seem to fit but it is politically correct) people nagging in your ears.


Then there’s the fact it’s NaNoWriMo – that month when over 300,000 people exist entirely on caffeine and snap at anyone who diverts them from writing their 50,000 word novel. (And yeah, this year I’m one of them. I have a 60k novel to write.)


May your fingers stay nimble and your muse attentive and may you pound out that novel with excitement and aplomb! Don’t forget – don’t edit until after you’re done!


But I wanted a message that could be understood by even MORE people. So I hit upon the one thing that encapsulates November so well.


May you fight the desire to use up all your savings and overmax your credit cards just to buy something that’s way overpriced but OMG It’s on sale!


Yeah, I’m not a fan of shopping… or shopping just because of a holiday. Can you tell? Instead, grab your favorite book, ignore everything and read.


May I suggest one of my books?