The Prince of Winds by Tali Spencer

The Prince of Winds Disclaimer MaleTAGRimmon may be an eagle warrior, but he’s never known war, and he’s never known love—until his kingdom’s army is destroyed by Ekari, the demon of winds, and he is captured by Melkor, one of the Iron Horde that has been killing off the world’s gods. Those gods have cursed Melkor and his brothers to be conquerors and never to be loved, but Melkor, hoping to overcome his fate, carries Rimmon off to his island. There, he heals Rimmon’s wounds and teaches him about sexual pleasure, earning the young warrior’s trust and fanning the flames of an attraction both men yearn to embrace. But the curses of vengeful gods are difficult to break, especially when Rimmon discovers Melkor is the demon who destroyed his home. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

I will admit that there has been some time that has passed since I first read this book and when I started writing the review for it.  However, I actually think that’s a good thing because I still remember so much about this book and I enjoyed it so greatly that it has stuck with me.

Spencer is an author who I found by chance a couple years ago and I am always blown away by the stories that are published.  This book was one that I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy, however once I started it, I just couldn’t put it down.  The world creation was done so well that it felt so realistic to me.

Everything was detailed, but not to an overboard amount.  It was done just write so that I could sink further and further into the story.  The characters, Melkor and Rimmon, were both done equally as well.  It was very easy to connect with the two of them, and even the secondary characters were just as well described.

Being able to follow along with the relationship that was forming between the two men was amazing.  The perfect balance between the characters is what ended up making this story so well in my opinion.

I would really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys this genre and is looking for a new read!

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